A young child is like a sponge and the brain is ready to absorb and question. This is so far recognizable when presenting the baby's lessons. Flash cards can teach you the alphabet and the recognition of articles and other things. Early learning books teach them to write and write in exceptionally young ages. This is the time when religious organizations disturb the minds of things that are inappropriate and from which the child can never escape.

This organic sponge, what we call the brain, does everything we can to demonstrate and opens channels in which knowledge remains. My reincarnation conceals the memory of my past life and opened the channels in my journey.

My parents were born in a different language that did not influence or overcome, and the source of my relationship is the great spirit of the universe, the only true God (Isaiah 45: 4-8). This is because the things I have observed from my birth have formed an image of the deception and deception of religious bodies that are currently destroying the world.

The memory of a young child of reincarnation may be present and still talk about it. However, this is quickly obscured by those who are brainwashed to heaven and hell. Places do not exist, but the facility is subject to power and control.

Children regulated and conditioned by religious institutions can be better guided than those who do not. They are taught to obey the government and respect the permissions, and that is why journalists are in the minds of each other, and why they get such a force of terrorism.

Kings, governments, and other forces depend on religions, so they govern and guide the masses, and this is the reason for their existence. Only those who are in close contact with the Spirit know they come from them and that the children thinking themselves are more mentally mentally than others. Structure of the brain is superfluous when the Spirit moves from within to show the way as it was in my case.

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