Your imagination goes as far as you want it to go, it's boundless. We have always learned that if we want to do something good, we must practice as long as we can not perfect or do the best we want and what we want. Dr. Maxwell Maltz, the classical and influential author of the book, Psycho-Cybernetics writes that conviction in his writings. However, unlike the general population of the world, who desires to have a chance, a tangible place, and a perfect timing to get what they want, Dr. Maltz thought you did not have to go far. The human mind is very strong. All and all the good things you want to do with your life can be controlled and improved through visualization meditation.

The most important concept of Dr. Maltz's Psycho-Cybernetics book is "The Theater of the Mind". This is called a synthetic experience. This is the height and peak of visualization meditation. Many believers in the New Mission have a great deal of confidence in the mind's ability to decide what they want. Using the strategy of the "Theatre of the Mind" concept, you can not just imagine the end result you want to achieve, but you can practice the details of what you want to do practically inside your head. [19659002] This is why the concept of theoretical theater is widespread in sports and other fields. This is used to develop certain skills. The most popular example is to clearly illustrate how the concept works with three different basketball teams. One team uses their free throws. The second team does not practice at all. The third team is free to throw his head. The results of the study were surprising. It was expected that the team who did not practice at all, the first team defeated. However, the team who made a free throw through visual display gained more points than the team who practically drove a free throw. This basically confirms that if you formulate something and show the specific details in your mind, the performance of that activity or skill will dramatically improve.

Setting goals is important, but the future and the scene are not enough for your success in your mind. You have to go into details and details. Everyone wants to be rich and successful. However, it must be a plan or plan before it can achieve this success. Think about what steps you need to take to achieve your goals. In the context of the theoretical theater, you can use this concept in a few minutes of the day to crawl your head. Using the same viewpoint of the third team who is free to throw their heads, the Theater of the Mind can "practice" the steps of his plans and ultimately reach the goal in your mind. This visualization meditation will provide surprisingly more knowledge and positive energy for your success in your consciousness.

There are situations where the Theater of the Mind is highly recommended to use.

first Sales professionals are advised to use this technique before they go to work or even on the sales pitch. Man is able to practice in his or her mind, how to get started on the pitch, and rejections if necessary. At the end of the display, in the eyes of the sales professional, he must be able to successfully complete the sale

. Public speeches can use this strategy before they make a big speech. It simply represents the speech in the minds of the audience, who finally delights the promising and confident loudspeaker in front of them. The visualization of public speakers has to end with a great unsuccessful touch.

3rd Athletes can use Theatre of the Mind to play different stage scenes in the field and how to use the strategies she feels would allow her to win the game. Player's visualization must end with the strategy you can win.

4th This can be used by people who have long-term goals, such as successful graduation, licensing exams, business success, etc.

The most important thing to remember about the Theatre Theater is visualization and it will surprise you how accurate the results are. It's like the opposite of the biblical quotation: "Ask it and you'll get it."

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