Some argue that death or taxes are permanent in life. Although we may consider any of them as acceptable as one of the constant in life, I think it is not questionable. And this is a constant constant for everyone in the world, no matter what their situation, country of birth or financial freedom. The constant I am talking about is change. No matter what happens, change is inevitable.

Some of these changes have no control. We cannot change the fact that we all die; we cannot change the fact that we are getting older despite our best efforts or the latest fashionable or medical breakthroughs to promote longevity. So this means we just sit back and let the change unfold as it wants and accept that our life is interrupted or changed?

One of the most widespread agents of change is our global economy, where we have seen its & # 39; we have an increasing impact on what we thought, stable and flexible companies. For those who were completely addicted, including many, for the survival of the company in order to guarantee employment, the company's downturn was a major downturn. For all companies that are driven by global competition, new technologies that displace workers, unions, buyouts, outsourcing, or shore production always disrupt human life. No one can ensure that their loyalty or commitment to their work will bring them to life. This is a change that has caused unexpected difficulties for thousands of families.

What is the answer without winning the lottery? What shall we do? How do we prepare if we become statistics of the relocated workers? And the only sure fire that doesn't help you at all is complaining or crying for poultry. This is life today, not in the future, but today. Complaints are by no means received.

One thing is certain. If you think you are safe at work, if you think your company will live forever or your present knowledge will be good for the rest of your holidays, it may be a big surprise.

If you are looking for a major response to the new environment, you will be disappointed. However, if you are now working for a company, you can reduce your impact by continuously improving your skills, developing new skills, and providing your company with the fundamental value of thinking twice about terminating your employment. And even if you have no choice but to let go, the fact that you have upgraded your skills or developed new skills, whether you are enrolling in related courses or learning new skills, will be better off with one of your services. it offers another company of the same type, or a number of companies who are looking for a team of skill sets for team players.

Continuous preparation, development of new skills, skills and action should become part of everyday life. And sure is a constant change .

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