It's important for people who are serious about mental issues and body-related issues. They determine that the basis of the philosophy of the mind examines the nature of the mind (mental events, mental functions, mental qualities and consciousness) and its relationship with the physical body as a branch of philosophy. To some extent, it intersects neurobiology, computing and psychology. At this point it is also interesting to evaluate one aspect of theoretical theory. It was found that "the mind of the mind" is the social cognitive ability to explain and predict the actions of others in the underlying mental states, such as beliefs, intentions, or feelings.

Professor Baron-Cohen A Developing Psychopathologist who suggested the empathic / organizing theory of psychological gender differences. It emphasizes that women are more prone to empathic style, and males are more prone to systematization. Consciously and unconsciously, both sexes, gradually upgrading their efforts to produce meaningful results in order to find out which impact is stronger in the daily life of human life. It is therefore logical to study the mind and mind set of mentality variances. Thus mentality ultimately becomes a key point for good or bad subjectivity.

Every creature is created on "Fitrat"; this is an Arabic word, and without analogy it means original work. He has a sloppy quality that loves the truth and good. It rejects all malicious and unfair things until arrogance and ignorance overwhelm the mind. The difference affects it, but "Fitrat" ‚Äč‚Äčconstantly reminds people of the aftermaths. However, the human mind, contaminated with arrogance and impertinence, ultimately leads to disaster.

Analysis of the above scenario, leading to environmental forces playing a decisive role in human behavior. Because God has also donated the wisdom and knowledge of human beings, one should choose to choose and reject what his mind requires. He then develops a mentality that meets his desires and ultimately conforms to the personality of men and women.

The question arises of how the individual influences the personality; If so, then what way? Again, how does mentality change? Human behavior shows that the structure of the brain correlates with their activity. The brain is directly proportional to the personality and is supported by Collin De Young and the University of Minnesota. In addition, they stated: "Experiences change the mind as it evolves, and these brain changes can change the personality."

Dr. Daniel Siegel described the concept of "thinking" as a description of human ability to perceive the minds of others and others. Thinking is the connection between the brain and the brain, and these factors together develop mentality. It differs for each individual until they are educated in the specific places of residence of cultural, social and family values.

It is important to understand why there are some who come from poor homes who, after marriage, live in an economically rich environment, introverted and perverted. The past is still tempting their behavior, which is barely aware of their bad mentality. Thus, warlords, people in rich families could not make a positive note. Therefore, the relationship in the post-marriage environment is apparently unhappy and shows stigma. In many cases, it has a dramatic impact on children and relationships between families.

They say they are poor people, not bad, but bad mentality disaster. This typical camouflage scenario is the truth that lies on the facade of the superficial mask. Here, the people who are responsible for setting up and maintaining the position of harmony are often despaired of dubious thought and arrogance. It is appropriate to quote: "The mind is a good servant, dangerous master". (Source of this offer is unknown)

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