Personal development is the Greek philosopher Aristotle. In those times, personal development has sought to reach "arĂȘte", which means that it is a personal experience.

They sought ArĂȘte or personal excellence to attain Eudaimonia, commonly referred to as "happiness." Time has changed but the common desire to achieve happiness is not. And what is true of Aristotle's day is still true today. The Most Secure Way to Obtain Happiness is Personal Development

Personal Development Concept

Personal development means what exactly is the word, the development of the full potential of personal resources. It seems easy to understand, though, perhaps one of the least understood terms.

For most people, personal development means learning new trick tricks to get what we want. This is not a personal development. At best, this is an unusual form of behavior, and in the worst case, it's just a simple deception.

The purpose of Personal Development is the arena or personal excellence, which is the character of the individual and not just a kind of superficial behavior adopted by the individual.

In other words, Personal Development is an endeavor that develops and optimizes the original resources to make the individual more efficient and effective against the challenges of life and to achieve better the goals, self-realization, self-satisfaction and happiness

True Personal Development enhances the individual's intuition.

Personal development aims at building and building the fundamental virtues of Aristotle, such as courage, moderation, generosity, friendship, and generosity.

Now I know this is not what people are trying to do when they are involved in personal development. They are looking for quick fixes and clever approaches to earn money and financial success. No wonder the so-called Personal Development principles did not last long for years.

Does this mean that Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, and others are not worthy of teaching? Of course not. However, we are all guilty of hearing what we want to hear.

Jim Rohn says something that if he wants to succeed, he can work harder than he is doing, and he succeeds. He said he was working harder for you … he did not say he was learning some fine trick. He did not say he was learning this formula and applied it. He said, "Work for yourself". Working with your own means that you are alone. Fix your character. Be a better man. Develop the Essential Truths of Courage, Temperament, Generosity, Friendship, and Grace among others

How can a virtue be developed? The best way to raise it in the hierarchy of personal values. We're more protected than we most appreciate, because we lost it, it would cause a lot of pain. By commemorating this virtue, it will be more important in our eyes and will be more protected and practiced.

It can also be said to mention someone whom we admire and who shows good virtue. Emulation is a powerful tool that can be used with great efficiency. Whether we know it or not, it has a great impact on us that we respect. This feature is consciously or unconsciously and naturally used, and is much more effective when used deliberately.

Personal development also means self-relocation. To learn something, but not to change who we are, useless. Knowledge is only effective if it is used. Years ago I went to motivational seminars. We get everything and we're ready to turn the world around. Unfortunately, the feeling can last for only a few weeks.

Positive constant changes are not easy. Our brains are quite resistant to changes. It is said that the brain is like a muscle, and that analogy is particularly true of personal transformation. It's not easy to carve and transform the muscles. It requires work and commitment. The same applies to acquiring new and more powerful habits and behaviors.

Alexis Carrel, the writer of Man the Unknown, has said something that transforming man is not an easy task, at the same time the granite block and the craftsman who, through the powerful impact of the hammer, must shape and shape the masterpiece he want to be.

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