Your humiliation was unique and wonderful

His 1037 return words are still inspiring people in the 21st century

Your inheritance is still in the world, in the Book of Proverbs.

Originality was what Yahweh was

God blessed you with wisdom to rule prudential judgment and love with ancient Israel

You reigned for creating peace and prosperity for everyone.

You inspired the whole nation of Israel to obey God

You became a king when your father was committed to the creation of the everlasting Kingdom to honor God as "Man after God's own heart"

You have created a 40-year-old age that never existed in human history because it was successful and equitable for everyone.

You were the only king who judged people righteously and wisely

You promised you so much wealth that God has made to make a difference in the world

People realized that God's wisdom was you.

One of the greatest achievements of the temple is Yahweh

One good sign of kindness and generosity is to pray to God in the Temple in each of Israel

One of the most important moments is to lead a nation into the most powerful and peaceful history.

It is amazing to know that because of his humility, God has put on you in wisdom

It is noteworthy that each of us in the 21st century has the same chance of asking God if we are honestly humble.

It is inspirational to know that God is available 24/7 to give wisdom to all those who are enthusiastic about it.

Humility has encouraged me to humble myself before God to ask wisdom to be a great husband for future prophets of my future. 31 Wife and loving father for my future children to create a life-long marriage forever in Yahweh's name.

For King Solomon's Memorable Love

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