Chess is more than just a game, and although it's technically sport, this potential value may be ignored by personal development, especially children's development. Pay attention to the fact that this article focuses on "kids", hopefully we will never grow up and finish the saying, old dogs will surely learn new tricks. # 39;

Teaching chess can teach things on both lower and middle levels, which can be difficult with other methods. One example of memory repair is the memorization of chess pieces, their movements, their power within the chess set, and how they can move on the board.

Plays within the framework of the game, commenting on these overlapping facts will be less task, almost implicit, while without context it is merely recognition.

Although a lot of games help kids have at least one "feeling" for the strategy, nothing is similar to chess to facilitate the actions, that is, the cause and effect. This is unmistakable because the player has to think of the game with several moves.

This article is based on scientifically based facts and uses a personal approach to the value of chess. Children at the early age taught chess and although they have passed away in the past years, the ability I've learned has remained with me and I thank my dad (and once I win for a while to keep me in learning – always learn better from someone you!).

Although chess is already apparent in certain educational establishments that they exist on an informal basis and its promotion is likely to be somewhat lacking. Chess is a game, so kids will naturally move to gravity after defeating the rules they need to swallow – kids are sponges, they are able to absorb more than you think, but they have to act gradually.

Obviously, there are links to music and maths as well as music related to internal processes that are required to play the game (language and other), but when it is introduced as a game, it is instant & for kids.

"Possible Down" & # 39; the chess is a competitive element and not a "team experience", but it's a good thing or a bad thing for children is a completely different matter and not a matter of dispute.

In short, the chess set is a potentially powerful educational tool, and if adopted in educational institutions, it is likely to have an "effect" that would contribute to children's development in a "holistic sense" leading to overall quality and test results. a cow's towing, sometimes a "nail" should be used to convince "educational babe presenters." One thing, however, is that if we do not try it, we will never know for sure

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