This is my list of the movies that inspire me the most. I'm a filmmaker and I hope you find inspiration from the list. Enjoy the show

1. DISCLAIMER OF FREEDOM – It rages the story of wealth to a man who goes to his dreams and does not let his circumstances go

2. Remember Titans – In the 1970s a black and white high school was closed and blacks and whites mixed together. On all racial tension, a black coach is chosen to lead the newly separated football team

3. FOREST GUMP – The story of a low-intelligence man who has risen above his challenges and has shown that determination, courage and love are more important than intellectual ability [4]. THE HEART PURPLE – Founded in the early 1900s on the life, trials and trials of an African-American woman [5]. RUDY: A great football fan who has always had a dream to play at the Notre Dame football team. They tell her she's too small for the game, but she insists on

6. ALI – The great podium champion on the true story of Muhammad Ali

7. LIFE BEAUTIFUL – This story is a funny and carefree Jewish man who uses comic talent to protect his son from the Nazi occupation's realities

8. BRAVEHEART – The story of William Wallace, a peasant who unites the 13th century to the Scots to overthrow the English rule

. ERIN BROKONVICH – An unemployed single mother who becomes a legal assistant and almost brings down California's electricity company, accusing him of contaminating the city's water supply

. SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION – Two people are tied to jail for several years, and ultimately find decent actions.

eleventh COMPARISON: The story of Stan Tookie Williams – The founder of the street band in crepes and jail to find salvation. Redemption finds salvation

12. HURRICANE – The story of a talented boxer who misjudged murder and fought for his innocence

13. Billy Elliot – A young boy chooses to become a ballet dancer and get resistance from her family. He faces many trials and triumphs as the family's narrow, thought-out ways, inner conflicts and his own feet.

14th APPROVAL – John Forbes Nash Jr., a biology of ascension of a mathematical genius that can solve the problems that disturb the greatest thoughts. And how he managed to overcome the year of schizophrenia suffered by winning the Nobel Prize in 1994

15. GANDHI-True story Mohandas Gandhi's outstanding Indian leader

16. Fire Chariots – About Summer Olympics Athletes Who Speak About Persuasion and Victory

17. PHILADELPHIA – The film deals with HIV / AIDS and homosexuality and highlights the two homophobia and stigma

18. FRIED GREEN PUMPS – This is a memorable film where an older lady remembers the story of two women on their experiments, trials, and life-long friendship

19. RAIN MAN – The selfish man who finds that his father left millions of dollars to an older brother who he did not even know existed

20. THE NOTEBOOK – A beautiful love story that lasts for decades

21. TITANIC – a movie about the deadly Titanic ship and the love story that evolves in the ship

22. SEA BISCUIT – A true story of the underdeveloped depression era, whose victories not only raised the spirits of the team behind, but also their nation

23. RAY-True biography of Ray Charles and his wonderful story of how to overcome the impossibility

24. SUPPORT – The wonderful story of how a young boy changes the lives of many people through the simple act of good deeds

25. BUCKET LIST – About two old timers who choose to do whatever they want before they die of their final illness

26. MILK – Harvey Milk is the first openly gay man in the 1970s to choose the public office in America. It is about how it affects the hot law movement. One of the best movies I've ever seen.

27th Coach Carter – A high school basketball coach works hard to change the behavior of his students.

28th RADIO – a shy, mentally challenging man who inspires the community

29. FREEDOM WRITERS – About the teacher who centers on teachers in downtown kids who are fighting to distinguish students' lives and to make a better trip

30. NORMA REA – A Million Worker from a Southern Textile Company Standing Right on Workers and Workers' Working Conditions

31. ANNE FRANK'S MONEY – The Invasion of Anne Frank's Life Out of NAZI

32. GLORY: The History of the First Society of Black Soldiers in the American Civil War

33. LIFE SUPPORT – The story of an AIDS mother who cracks the crack dependence becomes AIDS activist in her community

34. BABE – Pigs raised by sheep dogs learn how to make sheep

35. WHAT LOVE TELLS ABOUT KNOWLEDGE – The great entertaining Tina Turner's wonderful life cycle and the wonderful obstacles he has won

36. HOTEL RWANDA – History of a man who protected thousands of Rwandan people during the genocide of Rwanda from danger and death

37. G1 YANE – The first woman to be licensed in the Navy Seal and the Great Barriers on the Road

38. THE EXCLUSION OF REQUIRED TURNS – the basis for the racial interruption of 1939 Alabama and the hearing of the black man accused of raping the white woman

39. GLORY ROAD – The 1966 NCAA National Basketball Championship title

is based on the true story of all black basketball nationals for the first time. SARAFINA – Soweto youth riots against apartheid in South Africa

41. AMISTAD – The slaves are about a rebellion of a slave in 1839

42. SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE – The story of a Slav puppy who grows up and plays in the Indian version. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

43. AMERICAN HISTORY X- He comes out of a reformed neo-Nazi prison and tries to stop his brother on the same path as he did.

44th PIANIST – The pianist tries to survive the Nazi invasion

45. SCHINDLERS LIST – Based on the true story of the businessman, Schindler Oscar, who saved thousands of Jews from the Nazi machine during the war

46. The boys do not pick – The courage story that you really are in the middle of the terrible opposition.

47th CHOCOLAT – Mom and daughter who moved and shook things in conservative, narrow-minded French cities in 1960

48. MALCOLM X – The actual story of Malcolm X is an influential black human rights activist

49. OLIVER TWIST – Based on Charles Dickens's film about a young orphan boy and the troubles he is trying to make in the hard world

50. JESSE OWENS STORY – The real story of Jesse Owens about the African-American athlete who Hitler was wrong about the physical superiority of the Ary

I like these movies. If you have not seen any of them, check them out, there's nothing to lose. In your life!

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