Think about it when a huge burden of thought or picture has passed in the past. How are you feeling? What effect did you have for what you were expecting? He assumed? And have they perceived the opportunities that exist for you (and what can you do to produce or exploit them)?

Was this self-generating power motivated? Is the result of something heard on the radio or on TV? It is a by-product that someone has said or recommended to you? Or did you read something that gave you the inspiration that a contemplative thought unfolded that directly stimulated the rising emotion within you?

Think of it for a moment; certain types of thought naturally reinforce, emotionally strengthen and power the power of the powers within you. And when you do this you obviously see things in a more confident, rich and positive waiting context. And then … the "magic" happens. "Magic"? Yes; then engage in and accomplish life much more accentuated, targeted, and stimulate success

According to Manner,

Your thoughts on your power then nourish the feelings of ability, success, and motivation … which then inspires, raises power and encourages the mental / physical movement towards personal victory!

Wow! Just let yourself feel how, your performance and results would be different (especially different) if you deliberately – steadily – pass on thoughts of power to your mind in your mind. It gives you a sense of how things should be (in fact, you must be), do not you?

It helps you with this: the most life-changing force motif among quotes and sayings 20. Spend everyone. Let me inspire you. All of them should serve to emotionally direct you to personal progress.

1) Undoubtedly you can reach those things

Undoubtedly – you can actually change the word "wish"

Leave this awareness … no doubt ! "

2nd" Just "because you have not done anything yet, it does not mean that you can not do it;

just means not yet … yet."

3. "Hope", others extend themselves to help along the way –

or you can become a self-employed individual – and you can do your own life! "

4." Depending on your state of mind, the struggle can be transformed into suffering or

education … It occurs first when there is no way of output – The latter happens

when you see experience from the process – the way out! "

5." Why do you need an apple – ask the whole tree! "

6th" The next time someone lets you down – raise yourself back …

Take the time and energy to punish with

condemnation and "hacking" the man who left you down "-


Do it and take it yourself

. You are someone you can always depend on. "

7th" It may not be as strong as you want to ultimately be.

8th "If you make a mistake in producing a result

you would never have expected – one seemingly" unexplained "[19659002] and the positive result that surprised you really was pleased with –

It's time to follow the same mistake.

9. "The definition has no stronger power than the necessity of deep-seated conquest" …

10) "Hey – if life tr is impossible and hard

then you have "resigned" – do not you?

But you are not.

And in the back of your mind you still have the desire to do things and you can change the hope that they will do and the willingness to do what you can do …

What do you think this is about life and you? "

11." Never give up hope

But you still believe that or what you are and what you get,

So you keep your chances … in life

12.) "If you decide to

Everything you do brings results – That's why you think before you do it

and beneficial results …

By the way, you're just slavery for the habit – imprisoned in ignorance! "

13th" Respect for deserved respect is the beginning of life. "

14.) If you continue to wait for the" perfect ", o the exact" right "time for action –

you never have a chance …

Now is the right time, my friend; , jump in and do what you need – and finish it …

Avoid waiting, it's time to "jump into the pool" and start swimming – It's not true! 19659002] 15 "The future will happen to you or without you;

you may also choose to be part of the & # 39; scene & # 39; –

Yes, good, meaningful and content. "

16th" If you are wearing a tree, you will live – 19659002] nourishes you when you chew, snoop or chew …

But only yours can be blamed if he is still insufficient and hungry

because he was not bold enough for the fruit. and pick it up! "

17.) You find in your world what you REALLY Wait

" If you look at life, what do you see? Happiness, Co-operation, and Good Importance

Good Intentional Interactions and Interventions?

It is either antagonism and uninteresting – even where intentional harassment finds you and the "best" undo and tea

It is possible that you will find what you are looking for –

how deep in your heart you believe and counts – exists … you

The world – your world – the soul of a mirror;

if you change your perception so that life can start working for you,

how are you? And what do you think is going to happen … if you do?

Sometimes it's great to admire … "

18." Be bold – or do it. "

19. The Elements and the Oak

" Developing oak does not mock the thunder and the light,

or strong winds and clouds …

This uses and allows these elements to shape and shape its character,

elasticity and further develop its evolving power …

Ultimately, the oak knows it will grow – bigger and stronger.

And largely through the influence and impact of the elements

will ultimately be this.

Then, in the middle of any element, there is no fear or restraint,

knows that he is able to withstand – and remains strong and immobile –

tries to himself …

He remained alone with his own power and ability to

to seize him and stand immobile in front of all the elements.

It does not consider the elements as "enemies" or "suppressors", but as formers and molders

that have helped them and the dimension … And although the "elements" seem to have been tossed –

they also cast and they form – and you move to be strong

then thunder, wind and rain

let your collective influence and effect ultimately move you to become powerful! "

20.) Rejection of a refusal to attain your specific purpose

to make your teeth harder, not to suffer more and feverishly –

until you ultimately overcome the demand and complete the quest –

truly, without fear, enduring yourself, enduring

and mastering the realm of the world, not only confirms the greatness! "

All quotations (# 1-20) © 2008 Peter C. Siegel – All Rights Reserved

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