When it's over, it's over. They do not deny it. With two arrows you came to the fork in the road; an arrow points to the path of happiness and the other to the path of pain. He tried the best things, but it painfully became apparent that this was not the right companion for you. It's like trying a car in the needle's eye. There is only one solution. You have already completed this connection.

We all had to end the relationship. If you are in the dating pool, you must inevitably address it by eliminating the unqualified candidate or the recipient of the termination of the contact. It does not feel good either. Love is about connecting and giving a part of your life to a man. If this relationship is broken in the individual's view, because of incompatibility, it hurts.

But there are seizures that go beyond cruelty. It is negligence for some to decide to end their relationships, cowardly, torturingly painful, and just wrong. They have embarrassed the situation and are less concerned with their previous loving feelings. They just want to go. If these people are not the concepts of sociopathy, they are as close to what you will see.

Here are the 5 worst ways to end a connection at any time:

1. Text message: I know it can be a little busy at social media and fast food. But how do I disconnect in a text message? Come on. Are you serious? Surprising how many people really use this method to break romantic relationships. They never take into account where they can be when they get the message. The person could work, driving a car (though it is illegal when you run a vehicle and check messages) or in a public environment. If you send such a message, you will definitely spoil the whole day. Should not you publicize them in a private environment? It will be very strange if your ex-girlfriend drops at the press at a team meeting. This is a terrible choice.

2nd Social Media: Speaking of social media, why did you drop someone in social media so that the whole universe wanted to see it? All your friends and family get the idea that you are no longer an item when you do not see the other significant family functions. Disconnecting this connection tells a lot about what type of person you are.

3rd The disappearance: I have seen this method of disintegration that people live together more than people living separately. Nevertheless, they have been found to be applicable in both groups. In the case of people living together, she comes home from work and turns out that her lover has moved. They will not leave their contact number or otherwise contact the person. They just disappear. If you lived with someone for 2 or 3 years, how could you move and warn in the world? There may be accounts and payments that are being discussed. You only leave them pain and debt. Wow.

4th Work Decrease: So you work at your workplace in your office, and everything is fine. You do so many things and your level of production is awesome. But it's better to take a break to get ready for further work hours. She does not want to overdo it. Go to the water cooler and notice that a large group of colleagues are staring at you. What's happening? Suddenly your boss calls to the office. He received some confusing information about his relationship. Your friend informed the entire office that you were disloyal and thrown away. Whether your friend or real truth is heard, the ex has no right to do so. Sent emails to your supervisors, your friends at the office, potential clients, and any other person who can interact with your employer. He just had a nuclear bomb at the center of life. That's ugly.

5th From a Friend: This is a situation in which you and other other common friends can have access. Instead of coming to you and talking to you, he decided to use this person as a messenger to deliver the bad news. Not only do they choose not to respect the avoidance but also eliminate a friend from your life, forcing them to choose a page (as they obviously did when they were there). Very cowardly.

When it's over, it's over. Nothing can save a bad relationship. But that does not mean that you have to end things with the least amount of dignity. Always respect what you shared. Sometimes it's better if every party goes on. This is life. But that does not mean that it must be annoying in the process.

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