Brain wave utilizes the physical principle of frequency after responding to the dominant brain wave frequency or guiding a certain, desired state of consciousness. Coating in 6 minutes can result in ultimate beta brainwave frequency experience and provides the best state of mind for everyday tasks and instantaneous information. Beta is a fast, high frequency low amplitude wave circulating within a cycle of 12 to 38 Hz or per second and is usually generated in the left hemisphere of the brain. Because of the constant daily tasks, the pattern does not remain very consistent throughout the day.

Beta waves are attacked when you think logically. There is too much beta that causes stress and tension. This is normal wave rhythm and dominant when it keeps your eyes open. You are consciously alert, tense, excited, afraid, or aggressive.

Beta frequency generates dopamine, a neurotransmitter that helps regulate brain rewards and pleasure centers and regulates motion and emotional reactions.

Most of the waking hours are spent on beta brainwave frequencies.

The stimulation of beta brainwave has a great influence on intelligence, mood, emotional stability and emphasis.

Benefits of Ultimate Beta Frequency

· Can quickly think and create new ideas quickly . If you can think fast, feel more confident, happier, and live longer than slower thinkers.

· Social Growth Aroused greater interest in what is happening to others and can continue to end the conversation.

· He feels excited. Beta growth stimulates the healthy release of adrenaline and gives a calming sensation.

· It helps target. You have more energy, much more social, and you get more attention that helps your career. The left side of the brain appears in the target setting and the beta "lights" in this area.

· Lets you peak performance It puts a lot of emphasis on your energy, both of which naturally increase your performance.

· Provides high focus. Beta removes mental fog and ADD or ADHD is commonly used (dominant cerebral wave of theta, very slow brainwave), increasing attention.

· Increasing Energy . Stimulates the brain, increases energy and alertness.

· gives you a positive view . In the left hemisphere, positive thoughts are associated.

· Helps you easily and quickly write . The left hemisphere is actively activated during writing, and the beta wave further increases this ability.

· Increases My I. Q. Clinical studies have shown that higher beta-brain waves have higher IQ values.

Brainwave withdrawal is one way to increase the frequency of beta brainwave in your life when you need to concentrate, be cautious, smart and social

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