The Trend of Thought

At every second moment, our mind gives birth to a thought, and all of the activities we perform are the result of thought. Our personality and state of life is the result of our thoughts. In fact, our mind is always hacking, and there is a greater tendency for negative thoughts to be attracted than to positive ones. If you cave for absurd or thoughtful thinking in a little while, your mind will run easily. But at the same moment, your consciousness protests shyly against disgusting thought. Here, your power will lead you to keep the good thoughts and leave the evil. If he was inclined to give up his immoral thoughts, he would not be able to direct his mind to take moral thoughts. So, we should always strive to listen to the bad conscience in the voice of inner conscience, and to keep good thoughts.

Controlling Thought

Nothing is more difficult than wrestling your brain. All the great men of the world had one thing in common – they were able to control their minds so that they were not so great. Thoughts are always aware and active when we are sleepy (unconscious). Take an example to sense the nature of the mind. When we thought about getting money from our friend, despite the fact that there are no urgent ones, just your passion to watch a movie and plenty of food and drink; our inner conscience is immediately knocked out to be immoral. So it is time to distinguish between moral and immoral, and we will steal our desperate desire forever. So if you make the right decision, you will succeed in the first step of controlling the mind. And this very passionate thought can cause you to ask your friend again; then and there, you must curve the selfish desire again. If we follow this again, you will strengthen your will power against this thought and you will be able to win forever.

The Real Use of the Power of the Mind

The power of the human mind is unmatched and infinite. We are here to recognize that inner strength and to illuminate it effectively for the benefit and development of humanity. The productivity of all nations lies in the development of ideas that are effective for the nation as a whole and meet humanity. Even all religions and books teach the ideology of humanity. And anyone who has ever developed an idea that was horrible for mankind will eventually destroy humanity. So we have to be wise enough to do good things for the sake of humanity. All the spoiling thoughts like jealousy, anger, greed, desire and arrogance must be buried with your inner conscience and will. Learn from the superheroes who perceive these troubled senses throughout the life of slaves and raise humanity.

"The essence of our thinking process is to think purely and purely"

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