The average reading speed is 250 words per minute. Most people are very happy with it, but there is no reason to read it without 300 words per minute without making any big changes to the way it is read.

The faster you can read a few small words per minute, the faster the word increases per minute.

If reading speed is below average, not because it is just a slow reader, but because it is in bad habits that slow down.

Here are simple tips that are so simple, yet many do not use these methods while reading.

  • Use your finger, pencil, pen, bookmark, or anything you want to watch for your text. Just swipe up the words in the sentence when reading. Keep your eyes in front of your finger when you move the page.
  • The beginning and end of paragraph usually contain important parts, so focus on these parts.
  • Try to learn to skip words such as "" and "etc. Words like they often appear in text form but not important enough to spend time on them
  • Keep track of reading
  • Do not read all the sentences again. It sounds silly, but most of us, apart from noticing it, are the same we've been reading so many times so many times that we've been using it for so long that we do not even notice it

There's nothing simpler than the tips above One or two will help you read faster If you've got the custom, and you will not notice that you are doing anything but you can still read it faster

It is possible that the most important tip I can give you , it is the tracking speed of reading. If you do not do anything, you have to do this if you are interested in the least effort. If you want to see your words grow per minute, it will increase faster reading next week in a week. If you can read your reading speed, you feel you will be encouraged to be better next time. This really works, so do it!

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