Over the last few years, to say that social media exploded, it would be inestimable. Members of social media sites have discovered that the easiest way to find, learn, and share information that directly affects your purchasing decisions. This is the only reason that every business has to have more social media sites in order to reach as many people as possible.

Below is a list of the most important 11 reasons for social media use:

  1. Building relationships – personal and professional; Join all kinds of people – past and present colleagues, current clients, prospects, suppliers, competitors, and marketers to build the network
  2. Share your blog posts; Share interesting and useful articles, blogs, webinars, podcasts, presentations, and survey results with your fan base
  3. Collect valuable information – research of similar products / services, competitors, prospects, marketing tips, blog ideas, Survey – The amount of information available is infinite
  4. Join a similarly-minded individuals social network or launch a new interest group where you can create more products / services, build relationships and share ideas and information
  5. Keep current trends up to date – write a blog or join a controversial topic; Get acquainted with new social media books that meet your business needs
  6. Land is a great new job – using new relationships through various social media centers to get the internal business purse and tips for interviews
  7. Discover the new passion for life , volunteer or create a fundraiser
  8. Find potential customers using inbound marketing tactics – distribute news about the product / service through social media sites; create a complete marketing plan, combine it with outbound techniques (breakthrough marketing)
  9. Build your business reputation and brand – steadily value your posts and become a trusted industry leader; "Everything is equal, people are doing business and doing business with people they know, love and trust."
  10. Inexpensive development for the marketing department – for start-up companies the use of inbound marketing tactics is an inexpensive way to start product / service marketing; Most social media centers are free to join, while others have a minimum monthly or annual fee
  11. Help Increase Conversion Rates – Use social media and incoming marketing to drive more organic traffic to your site, with an average conversion rate of 2.3% according to the ClickZ, Marketing News & Expert Advice, according to industry http://www.clickz.com/clickz/column/1691779/benchmarking-average-conversion-rate .

I recommend choosing useful sites to manage and start wetting your feet. Not all available community media centers are right for you or your business, and most of all they try to try. For example, keeping a blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ pages, YouTube channel, and your Twitter account consistently maintained is a great starting point. Depending on the type of shop, Pinterest, Tumblr or Flickr account are worthy or not worthy but obviously great brands.

If you need help from the beginning, there are countless different resources available. I used the An Hour of the Day book series on Facebook Marketing, Twitter Marketing and Social Media Marketing. Each entity is handled step by step in a very user-friendly way. I also find Hubspot very useful. They are constantly publishing user guides that contain valuable information, tips, and tricks. Finally, when you create your profile for social media sites that are best suited to different marketing plans, it's a good idea to join other marketers to see what they are doing for business development.

Do you have a tip or trick to share new users with social media? Share it with us; You are more than welcome to ask questions and / or comments!

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