While you are sure that night follows the day, each leader's life has a time when the "leader base" is on the end or end of the receiving end.

This is the time when many inbound presidents have their long-term ambition to be appointed by a club, a society, an institution or an association president. It's time to be proud of yourself. This is the time when your spouse and family will be very proud of you, and this is certainly a time when your parents – if either or both are still alive – will be exceptionally proud of you.

Most of the incoming presidents serve their time, say in an organization, before finally appointing to the chair. It usually happens when it rises on the ranks, ranging from ordinary membership to a board member or a leader of a particular group of activities. And then a great day comes when the incumbent president invites the vice president. As soon as this happens, it's usually a matter of time before the track is finally handed to you. And for decades of years you are the president of the honorary president or the leader of the association

Some of these appointments can last forever or as long as you want to stay in the headquarters. But no matter how long your appointment is, this is a great honor. This is the time of celebration. Frequently, time is available for public press releases or special membership announcements, etc. And yes! Depending on the position, they may be radio interviews or even TV appearances.

The spotlight is up to you! But hey! Endurance! Wait a minute! The spotlight is for someone else too. Do not forget that the two walk through the wand. And in this case, the second person is the outgoing president – the person who gives you the job.

So, with the risk of getting bored to death again, let me say again that you are as sure as the day of the night in the future, you will be an outgoing president who will hand over the station to your successor. So think like a … but two speeches.

Two Speech! This is what everyone who is involved in handing over the management moves must be at some stage in his life. They need a gradual greeting speech when they successfully get the gesture and need an eloquent farewell speech when they pass the column to their successor.

The second of the two is lighter,. Since the outgoing president has only a hundred, 99 times a hundred times a short speech that tells two things …

1. Thank you and

2. Best wishes to my successor. Of course, you can continue and tell everyone how fantastic you were, and you've put everyone to death, giving you a long list of all your wonderful achievements. But most people who pass through the wand do not boast about his achievements. But they hope that the incoming president will say good things about them when they accept the wireless speech.

"Receiving betting speech" is more important to more people than you and your family. It is also important for the outgoing president and his family. It's probably one of my most important speeches you give in your life. That is why I always urge the incoming chair – people and new leaders to spend time thinking about what they will say in their acceptance speech and to prepare for a gracious and well-thought-out speech when the big moment arrives

No Remember that this is a speech when everyone wants to hear things say goodbye to the outgoing president and – carefully note the following words – "they want to hear that he says in a way that everyone is involved." [19659002] This is what a memorable "hands over wireless" leadership speaks … that's about 100% "goodness." 50% of goodness makes praise and thanks for all the wonderful results, and the other 50% in the form of "goodwill" for all good praise and good things about the predecessor.

One important way to accelerate this "goodwill" factor is for you to tell a good funny story. If possible, try to link the story to the outgoing president so that everyone can be well-groomed and, most importantly, everyone thinks that a "fun" person should know.

Here's an example of this link: Ladies and gentlemen, as you most know, George, our outgoing president has always been a good company. You have a wonderful sense of humor, and over the years he has talked to us about many good jokes or funny funny stories. Now I do not know if I heard George's story or not. I suspect I did it. But still, I know it's a great pleasure to share this with you … (Continue joking – if possible, name one of the jokes: George.)

Here's a 10-point speech template that includes the above mentioned points and will help you to succeed in "writing the wireless" speech …

1 … Thank you everyone for having been there …

2 …. provides background information about George George's organization / company's long relationship …

3 …. some highlights George's results as president of the association / company …

4 … and outlines some of George's successful qualities and skills as president

5 …. mentions some of George's personal achievements.

6 …. tell a joke (or a gentle story about George) if you think this is good.

7 … but do not forget to try to make jokes for George if you can.

8 … now, slow down, become a technician and talk about the great skill, the greatness of preparation, and the clever technique that passes through the wand in the world of sport.

9 … and emphasize that "thank you to Georg" the wand is successfully handed to you.

10 … and have a clever relationship between you and you about your successful handing over and receiving from your secretary or colleague in your hand, a farewell gift to George.

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