Most of them enjoy different levels of comfort with stronger negative feelings than anger. In many families, children are being scared or punished to express anger, so it's not surprising that as adults, you are driving your earthly feelings underground. In fact, you consume a lot of energy, denying it at all. If you do this, you only have temporary relief. Usually, the anger that you bury comes in a way that often comes out and often gets revenge. And yet, in the impulsive, unconscious way of anger, it usually raises issues with those most interested. It is possible that your most appropriate relationship reliably strongly affects your emotions and a healthy choice in expressing anger.

What angry emotions are there? They can be imagined as waves that are overwhelmed by you. You can not control feelings from moment to moment, but you can learn to make conscious decisions about how you react to them. In the wrath of the anger you probably feel like you're staying in an ever-burning state. You are the anger! But this is an illusion, and it may be useful to remind yourself that it is over. In the meantime, what can you do?

Building the point of view on angry emotions is the first step by gaining control over how to express it in a healthy way. She probably does not know how she feels a feeling of trust, whether she's yelling or suddenly escaping from the room. Only after the damage occurred, you realize something bad happened. One key began to learn the unique signs that show that the waves of your anger are getting bigger. Some common signs of a faint, hot face, increased heart rate, sweating, stomach sensation, volume increase, face envelopes, express sentences that often contain words such as "always" and "never", and swearing. Ask for feedback from a family member or close friend about signs that may indicate that the wave of anger starts. After you have noticed a few signs, start watching them.

When they do, work to keep some of them, observing what's happening. This requires exercise, and for the first time with mild agitation conditions it is easier than full anger. Consider considering yourself in situations of consciousness when you start mild anger and start watching the signs. Ask your trusted close friend or family members to give you a non-verbal signal when they recognize the anger rising. The awareness of the individual sample is crucial in order to exercise greater control over how to react to anger at the moment. If you do not recognize your anger until you shout or find your headache, you will not find the opportunity to become a healthier choice for riding.

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