Anger management, not only in America, but everywhere in the world, is a problem through all cultures. Anger is a natural emotion that we all share, but our choice is what we do if this adrenaline negative attack is overloaded. Some of us are aware that we can gradually transform this angry energy into a negative and destructive way to drive the goal into a creative, constructive and focused direction. If we can do this, we can literally move the mountains to realize the impossibility alone and collectively.

For example The story of Rosa Parks who, as a black woman in 1955, refused to surrender to a bus for a white man. When he was asked many years later what he was saying, he did not respond, I was angry I was pretty much in the injustice of bus segregation. He remained calm, he said no, and laid the ground down. This led to a major movement called Montgomery Bus Boycott which once and for all ended the bus segregation in America. Another good example of constructively structured anger energy is the Women's Lib movement, the civil rights movement in the United States, the end of apartheid in South Africa and more recently the financial fiasco the occupied Movement in Wall Street ] and other similar events all over the world initiated by angry people.

But to be creative and to use this angry energy, we have to practice self-control, despite the anger. It must have a strong mind, compassionate and peaceful love, with one mission to eliminate torture and to make things better for everyone. Well-balanced and peaceful loving people are also angry, but instead of falling into anger and turning around, they try or encourage others to find a way to change things better.

Anger can be used as a tool to bring us somewhere or to be used as a weapon, as if it were a single armed mission, destruction for everyone. We encourage inner devils filled with negativity and self-destructive demonic thoughts outside our control to destroy, kill, and destroy around us, if we only give relief to our embarrassing soul to seal the angry inner voices, to end torture and suffering. This behavior usually gets in trouble.

Many health problems, such as back pain, headaches, hypertension, skin diseases, stroke, insomnia, heart attack, colds, infections and other cases are often due to uncontrolled and unsolved anger. This includes emotional and mental problems such as depression, drug and alcohol consumption, low self-esteem, mood swings and eating disorders. For life to be constantly angry and retaliation against others can lead to health and dangerous, and more serious illnesses, such as cancer, divorce and accidents, when we are worried about our vengeful thoughts or our selfishness and irrational behavior. actions we regret if we do damage that cannot be repaired.

Wrath is a worldwide problem and needs to be addressed on many levels We live in a unique time in world history, needs that are individually, physically, emotionally exposed, and mentally like humanity is never known. Currently, only a few are equipped to deal with the digital age and the many challenges. From a metaphysical point of view, the issue is related to the accelerated development process of mother earth Gaia, human being and technology. Modern technology and everything that includes it requires more than it can best satisfy in a healthy way, with rapid changes at all levels, less equipped, literally crazy. Most people simply do not develop fast enough to keep up. Here is what we call . The Mad as hell generations.

Most of us are driven by our emotions, and we do not know that we are the slaves of our feelings that change from one moment to another, depending on the whims of our thoughts and moments responding to external circumstances. Some of us are passing through life that is irritating in one or more things and we are frustrated by this anger. Some of us are suppressing the feelings of annoyance and abuse, while this inner anger becomes a mental illness when one day has to be blown up to let violent acts and rage that causes us.

There are several reasons why there are currently extraordinary violence, terrorism, fascism and racism in the world. The injustice of the greed and irresponsible behavior of the banking and financial sphere is one of the reasons, and other causes include corrupt government officials, the erosion of the middle class, the injustice of the political system and the unfairness of the powerful. For most of the population exposed to terrorist attacks, wars are afraid of what the future may hold for them. Fear is angry.

Another factor that contributes to negativity and general dissatisfaction is that we are currently living in a society that encourages bad behavior. Most of the entertainment on television and movies is about & nbsp; bad behavior is cool. On the screen, we have cheered up the evil and the appearance of hatred, intrigues, injustice and corruption. We like watching movies about wars and the truncated bodies and blood with the quickest possible details. We have a movie where popular celebrities like Michael Douglas declare that greed is good. Nowadays it can be considered cool if it is damaged. The maximum time spent on most channels was to feed the world bad and ugly. The question is how can anyone think that it does not affect the on-screen violence? Of course we are, depending on what level of intelligence and psyche we are, or we are intact when we see or want to copy the villains. We don't use a high IQ to know that if we want to be famous today, it is easier to commit a criminal offense, and we are sure that TV news will be exposed to millions of weeks for weeks and if we are lucky. 39. Even on the cover of Time magazine, even our photographers can join other big celebrities.

There is currently a debate on the role of the media, the film industry and the gaming / gaming industry in aggravating anger, violence and mental illness among young people. That's pretty obvious. Finally, we know that we are focusing on our reality. When we focus on the negative, the negative will spread and expand. If everything goes on because there are now anger programs & # 39; too little will be too late.

It's time for governments, politicians, bankers and financial industries, giant companies, the education system, the medical system, and the media and entertainment industry to take an active part in taking responsibility. Take on with NGOs, individuals and the community who are involved in the process to make the world better. Whatever the individual is, it is not enough for nothing to change at the highest level. As long as money and profits remain the ultimate goal of all businesses, in which greed and corruption are widespread, positive change will be slow.

Anger is the issue that needs to be addressed most quickly. It spreads around the world like wild fire. People are more aware today than ever and demanded their rights and put an end to all tyranny. There is an outbreak of anger on our hands that dropped out of control!

The anger management does not solve the "anger disappeared berserk" problem. but only a lot of trouble that no one deals with is that is politically wrong or not profitable. I thank God for the book of the face, the tubes, and Twitter, where the audience can free the wrath of injustice, which can reach millions in minutes.

Unfortunately, it is not considered necessary for the education system to include reflective anger and emotional control in the curriculum. Both parents and the education system need to work together and share responsibility for education for the young generation. Obviously, there was a research that showed that about 6 million teenagers in America were diagnosed with suffering from repetitive and impossible anger attacks. This syndrome was even named IED Intermittent Explosive Disorder, and only 6.5% of 37.8% of adolescents with angry issues received adequate counseling over the past year. These were the results of a study by Harvard Medical School researchers, who concluded that IED threats would become a complete epidemic if no measures were taken to curb devastating effects. The epidemic is also widespread in adult society, as the anger programs of businessmen and businesswomen have started! But it's like a drop of cold water on a hot stone. Every adult needs to be taught about anger and who can better reach the masses, such as the media and the film industry.

In summary, the answer to the question is absolute Yes & # 39; Angry management in America is a problem and must be taken seriously and dealt with in a humane and compassionate way not only for celebrities and professional men and women, but also for adults and more importantly for the youth generation. This is a very serious question. Young people in this world need more help, understanding, compassion, better education and more support in these fast moving, crazy, competitive, dangerous times we live in. In short, we have to clear the garbage and the hypocrisy of sweeping. What is politically wrong under the carpet before any of us can find the peace we all love.

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