In order to get rid of anger and anger, we must free ourselves and others. The longer we live in the offensive situation of the past, the longer we keep ourselves in full life in the present. Forgiveness is the act of kindness. It is a spiritual act that leads to the feeling of personal freedom.

I recently had a client who had to feel a lot of anger at her mother, a lot of things she had done in the past.
"I do not want to forgive my mother what she did in the past." my client said. "What you did is wrong and never apologized.
I have heard this statement from many customers who are angry, whether they are between their parents, spouses, or bosses.

I asked my client whether he felt that anyone other than himself, responsible, and able to make it happy. After a long, confused conversation, he said that when they told everything and did, he realized that he was the only one who could be happy.

We sat together for a while, then took a deep breath and suggested that my client do this too. Here's an idea, I said. "If you were a completely selfish act that you simply made for your personal happiness, you decided to go away and let go of your wrath toward your mother, so that you would not have to dislike your life any more." "You did not say this was what you were, , you simply let go of anger to make your life happier. "

We sat together for a while, the client's face softened. He said that if he was able to let go of his anger, it would be like lifting his weight from his shoulder and removing the dark cloud from his heart.

"Everything you've been through," I said. "All the pains he would have suffered would not be a wonderful gift for you if you could lift this weight off your shoulders and remove the dark cloud from your heart? She sat for a while as tears formed and said very softly, "Yes, I feel good, I want to love love."

"So," I said, "To free the pain and open your heart to love, would you be willing to go so far as to forgive your mother if it is necessary for your own happiness?"
It was a bit uncertain but it he said, "Yes."
"Remember," I said, "I suggest that you do this for merely selfish reasons, not because you really want to forgive your mother at this time, but because you want to get rid of a happier life."
my client said, "Yes, when it sounds, I decided to forgive my mother to free myself a happier life."
"Good as I said." Keep these thoughts and feelings in your heart for a while and talk about how to actually achieve forgiveness. "

What would you say to you, do you have any anger? Are you ready to regain your happiness? Are you ready for forgiveness for his radical actions to be free? I'm sure I hope

And if not today, maybe tomorrow [19659010]

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