We all feel stress in our lives, especially in times of turmoil. There are various symptoms of stress depending on the severity of stress. In some cases, these symptoms may be signs of severe physical or psychological problems that may require professional help. Below is the list of potential stress symptoms that may occur when stress and anxiety are dealt with in your life.

Physical symptoms: Stress is often caused by indigestion, tension development, back pain, neck tension and shoulders. You may notice lower energy levels and colds, flu or sore throat. Stress may exacerbate stomach ulcer, palpitations or tightness in the chest in extreme cases.

Psychological Symptoms: Restless sleep and insomnia are a major concern of stress as they may lead to other physical or psychological problems. People who are routinely stressed become insecure and concentrated. You can spot memory loss, bad dreams and nightmares, and in worse cases have negative thoughts, including the idea of ​​suicide.

Emotional symptoms: Stress manifests many emotional problems in some people. These include the loss of patience, feelings of helplessness and hopelessness, low self-esteem, lack of trust and depression.

Behavioral Symptoms: People who are under stress for a long time often experience changes in behavioral patterns. Often, stressful individuals lose their appetite, are less associated with society, neglect physical hygiene, and engage in accusative behavior such as too fast driving. Some people are consuming excessive consumption of coffee, alcohol, cigarettes or drugs.

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