It becomes clear that the effects of stress are far more psychological and emotional. For some time, medical experts have come to realize that stress has a real physiological effect. It's hard to believe that something physically untouchable, such as stress, can have real physical consequences on your body. Believe it or not that it is true and stress can cause your physical health to be destroyed.

When your body gets into stress mode, the physical reaction is very similar to replying to a fight or a flight that is a result of fear or fear. Fighting or flight detection is in fact the body's response to stress, preparing your body to fight or escape any danger that is near. When your body is transformed into this reaction state, here are some things:

  • The nervous system is warned of a present danger of adrenaline and noradrenaline release in the body.
  • Increase in heart rate
  • Inhibition of stomach and upper intestinal activity to the point where digestion slows or stops [19659004] Sperry of body tension (humorous but accurate)
  • Blood vessels are limited
  • Nutrients used for energy are readily available for muscle (such as fat and sugar)
  • Provides oxygen to muscles (still true that others are limited, dilation is characteristic of muscle blood vessels)
  • Student dilation
  • relaxation of the bladder

More but not significant for the article. At a glance it is obvious that the digestive system is directly affected by the combat or the reaction of the flight.

The reason for the fight or flight response is that it is not necessarily harmful to the body. In fact, it seems to protect us from damage and has evolved over a long period of human adaptation as a survival mechanism. The process concentrates on the sensory organs and, within a short time, increases the power and energy to present a potentially life-threatening hazard. However, they developed within our ancestors who were more likely to be exposed to such a threat in their everyday environment before they enjoyed relative security and modern life, which regularly lessens these dangers to people. ] Fast forward technology and industry to the age. All of our modern comforts have created a world around us, an environment that develops much faster than our human body can adapt. Just a few hundred years ago, production was almost gone and families were mostly home or on their own farms as a kind of nutrition-based survival, as opposed to the world of fast-paced production and consumption in which we live today. This is the problem.

As a result of the acceleration of change in society, people are dealing with physical bodies that are adapted to an environment that is very different from the fact that we actually live. It does not happen so often that we have to rely on our fight or flight to help us with the serious physical dangers that our predecessors have done more often. Instead, we face a much less obvious, but equally harmful predator; Long-Term Stress

Deadlines, Transport, Education, Financial Crisis, Debt, Relationships The list of stressors is organized around which medical experts are faced with the long-term and regular (daily mostly) daily combat or flight reactions are extremely harmful to our physical health. The reaction occurred rarely within a short period of time. When Stress Begins Generally to Work Highly on the Human Body

The many problems that are now being caused by long-lasting stress and Wikipedia emphasize this:

Reference http: // hu Long-term stress responses to the immune system can lead to chronic repression, leaving the body open to infections, but the immune system has a momentum. shortly after the activation of combat or flight detection due to the ancient need for infection of the wounds that would have been obtained during interaction with a predator. "

So here we see that prolonged stress has a direct impact on the immune system." At the beginning of this article, remember the third bullet, which indicates that the fight or flight also directly affects the digestive system. Ulcerative colitis is a disease that occurs when the immune system attacks the digestive tract (colon exactly) Both have a significant effect during combat or flight

Experts in gastroenterology have so far claimed that stress who are not fully responsible for the fact that prolonged stress can not be a single disease such as ulcerative colitis, but this is not the case with the development of ulcerative colitis, which is not responsible for what causes ulcerative colitis. consensus, as long as more We do not understand what we understand and fully agree with, the effect that exerted on the current state of ulcerative colitis. This is because the immune system (our protectors attack) starts and the flare-ups are worsening or worsening due to increased immune function.

Obviously, although stress is not responsible for ulcerous colitis initially, it is a potentially very harmful force. Now that stress and its relationship has been outlined with ulcerative colitis, I will present a number of posts that will address certain strategies and the extent to which we can relieve the stress of treating ulcerative colitis.

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