Understanding is the interpretation and interpretation of interpretation. It should also be understood that children need to understand the written material exactly, (19659002) (1) Decode what to read

(2) Connect with each other between the learned and the recognized knowledge

(3) read, understand, learn, and recognize the clear and unambiguous meaning and context.

It is essential to notice the fundamental difference between reading, interpreting, translating, differentiating, and understanding. Knowing the literal meaning is peripherally sufficient to bypass the literal meaning and concept. However, they did not understand their logic and essence. Therefore, it is important to pay attention and measure the basic concept and meaning of the subject and the predicate. Thus, it is important for the structural sense and the concept to be clearly and comprehensibly understood.

An accurately defined logic, in its full intent; ie properties or characters attributed to an object. It can be fully established that the object and the predicate are hands and gloves. Now, it's important to be careful not to go beyond the periphery of the subject with the predicate. Before examining the reality of understanding in terms of understanding, it is compulsory for us to investigate perception. Detection or perception is the formation, recognition and interpretation of sensory information. In order to understand and understand the information presented or the environment and translate and understand the information presented or the environment. The above definition once and for all proves that the whole reality differs from the lack of perception. Philosophers. Scientists and psychologists all agreed that exposure to senses reveals a partial reality in relation to reality and factuality. Likewise, understanding the peripheral intellect and concept is not a complete reality. Thus both perception and understanding are subjective in the absence of complete accuracy. Therefore, facts and numbers must be felt, they must be kept in mind and understood in their meaning and concept. In addition, deficiencies in understanding and perception experience can not be disguised to overturn structural precision. Otherwise, it causes doubts, confusion and distortion of facts, thereby complicating the real event.

If we study the perception in our own sense, then it becomes a practical reality. Exposure to partial truth is not without reality; however, he is right in it. Although it does not affect the basic concept, it does not fully fit the whole reality.

The lack of concept is insufficient information in the reality of the case. Summing up the whims of comprehension and perception, it narrows down some of the basic, logical and reproducible facts. If we want to realize the full reality, then we need to look at the facts about perception experiences. In addition, understanding the basic concepts and the structural significance of reality is absolutely important and necessary.

The perception and understanding of different perspectives of human characters contain many variations. Therefore changing the meaning and meaning of the subject and the predicate is realistic. When the subject appropriately defines different meanings and concepts structurally, laws can be properly modified. However, the human mind is limited and therefore can not fully understand everything. The abstract goes beyond perceiving and understanding reason. This means that the unknown faith is not without reason. The role of understanding reality and truth is the observation of clear signals and applications. The attribute will reflect unknownness and wisdom in the logic and cause of reality.

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