You've heard the same advice from time to time. You should leave your old friend when he returns. At first glance, it makes no sense at all. How can the world forget a man to decide that he wants to return? The opposite seems to be more likely, is not it? From within, you feel the perfect time to pick up the phone to call your old friend and suggest that you two try and work out things. But everyone screams not to do it. You are embarrassed, you feel desperate and worried that you will make a mistake that will pay for the person you love. Before you do anything, you have a brief and concise lesson in male psychology. There is a very good reason why you should pay attention to those who say that you forget your ex-boyfriend's phone number, address, and workplace.

You are not verifying your unsuccessful connection

After a pause, an individual who is chasing ex-partners does not control the future of the relationship. Women often want to live on a romantic novel. We imagine the moment our ex boyfriend pick up the phone and say he can not live another day without us. The problem is, in fact, that it is unlikely that it will happen if he is constantly persecuting him. Your activities are really louder than your words in this scenario and your actions are shouting a message that loudly states: "I'm desperate and I do not care who knows."

It completely guides what's going to happen next. If you decide to ignore it instinctively know that it will only increase your efforts and will keep track of it. You essentially tell her that the more she ignores, the harder it is to try. It revolves around your life and it nourishes the ego. Most men in this situation are not quick enough to give their ex girlfriend the time of the day because she wants to know how far she is to regain her.

You need to change the dynamics of the relationship that you are in the direction of the future. The best way to change your own behavior. In fact, you would be surprised how quickly you will decide what you need when you suddenly think you no longer want her.

There is more to ignore her ex-boyfriend than not responding to her texts

women before contacting their former boyfriend will tell her intention in a way that she realizes it's just a little more than a game. If you report to your ex-boyfriend that you are no longer talking to him and you do it while you are too emotional, he looks at him as a tactic to bring him back. The contestant's spirit floods himself and starts his own way to ignore it. Before you know, it lasts for weeks or months and you both feel too stubborn to contact the other.

You're a lot better if you just descend from the face of the earth. The best advice you can follow for a moment (now good) is that you will not talk for at least a month or try to try your ex-boyfriend. Do not let anybody know that you do this, as mutual friends love the rumor and your ex-boyfriend will come back to the fact that there is no contact with a tool to remind you of what you need.

Next month, try your best to focus on something positive and enriching. It is very tempting to sit and blow the memories when they were together but this will not accomplish anything productive for you. This should be a month when you discover again who you are as a woman and you get in touch with what you want from life.

Refresh your goals for life as you leave your exile

come back to some welcome surprises when you begin your journey to ignore your former friend. First of all, it will shock you as you react. In general, a man wants a woman who does not want to. As soon as her ex-boyfriend finds that she has stopped her never-ending quest to regain her love and devotion, she will return to regain her heart. It's amazing how it works. Men are notorious for wanting things that are just beyond their lives. If one of these things becomes an ex girlfriend, then a man will kick his glittering box to convince him. Basically, if you take your knowledge of what you want, you begin to question who you want. If that happens, he will come back to you with full force and try to explain to him what has changed. The other, preferring to disregard your previous friend, is to finally decide on emotionally disappointed ways to get back together, in fact, something you want or need. Things are very different one month after the breakup. Your emotions are organized, your future is less definible and open to a wide range of opportunities.

One of the most enjoyable gifts you can ever get. You can finally decide what is best for you and that reunion with him is really the best way to make all of your romantic dreams come true.

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