Do you think about new homeroom projects for high school students? This homeroom teacher has this advantage over other teachers – the ability to inspire and influence his students as he is a direct advisor, friend and mentor. To facilitate meaningful homeroom projects, they allow students to take on additional tasks, learn new things, have better interaction and enjoyment. So why not try something more inspirational instead of the usual fundraiser activities and projects? Here are some ideas you can accomplish in your classroom.


Encourage students to inspire other students to give them food for the soul. You can do this by designing and creating posters that provide inspirational quotes about life that you can search for or create yourself. Add graphics or illustrations, even simple to enlarge that message. These posters are located in the school to serve as motivational and encouraging words.

Inspirational Items

Students can also use inspirational quotations to decorate various objects that are sold at school to other students and even teachers as a fundraising project for their class. For example, you can make inspirational quotations and make home cards and bookmarks. They can also hand paint smooth white shirts, these are quotes, and the appropriate patterns. If these small businesses have their capital, they may choose to create a t-shirt design in the computer and print them on the shirts. Then, it would be good to suggest that you also make appropriate advertising and promotional flyers and / or posters so others can know about these items.

Additionally, their students wear their shirts when they sell them. Imagine seeing a schoolmate whose wearer has a t-shirt that seems to inspire inspiration.


How do you say that students at different levels join at different levels for fun? Maybe your class can design and facilitate drawing, painting or writing competition to interpret a quotation! It can be done even a week! They need to create mechanics and promotional materials. Chips can be awarded as prizes and winners' certificates. You can also apply for school papers to promote and publish the winners' work. Thus, the class project may become a school-level activity. And at the same time, students can reach their students and touch their lives!

So what are you waiting for? Use homeroom periods now to start designing a project that you think is best for your students. Even better, you can afford them to vote for what they like. It would be good to divide them into groups, and each of them should do something else. Just make sure it helps them in design and implementation. This can be your inspirational project in your class. Good luck and enjoy it!

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