Sometimes we know that we want to change our lives, but I'm too scared to take the first step.

To be something as simple as breaking a custom or something as important as a new life, change can intimidate us from action.

Here are 7 favorite quotes that can inspire you to trust the gifts you dreamed of.

A Thousand Miles Way Begins One Step "- Ancient Chinese Pronunciation
It is so dazzling the strength of what we want to achieve, but still, if we break into asteroids, it is by no means scary. can you do now? The greatest regret in life is usually the things we did not do "- anon
Sure we sometimes spoil things. But when we reach the end of our day, we can accept that most of our most regretted things are things we did not do. So how can you grasp the opportunity every day to create the life you dreamed of? No one ever believed that a person could move less than a mile. " minutes until Roger Bannister has demonstrated, and within months the highest athletes have met their time around the world Why did they help them to believe and to reach the stage they did not know There is something you would like to do, if you would have believed?

"When you leave your security and fly freely your dreams will come true " – unknown
Our dreams will not come and do what we have always done – you do not live in your dreams, of course! What Would You Have To Have Your Dreams To Release Their Security?
The Edge Galley
Most of our time was spent in the past and during the analysis but when we looked at the birds, , he always sees the rearview mirror, we do not see where we are going and he is unlikely to be there. Do you know where he is going?

" 39, I will never know unless you risk od. "
How many times in a lifetime do we have the chance to get through? Do we often see the chance that we are looking for all open doors

If we do not believe in ourselves, then who else will be? [Clare Josa] We may be afraid of the changes, but if we spoil them, they will be able to do it, it will be a success. There is no point in having a team cheerleaders around you until you are ready to accept the message. in your life, but you want someone to hold your hand while doing this leap, you might consider individual mentoring.

A good mentor can help you:

  • Know what you are really
  • to become clear why he wants to change the limits that may have been locked in the past
  • to truly enjoy the experience of change, in reality the future move towards
  • mentoring can be a friend or family member who you trust, even a professional mentor or coach as well.
    The most important thing is that your relationship is based on trust and that your mentor provides guidance to find the solutions that will work for you and not what you need to do.

    Are there any changes you would like to make in your life today?

    Request for help is a sign of strength and commitment, not a weakness. Who could ask you to walk beside him?

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