We all have to differ in our opinion, as it is subjective, well-intentioned. I do not think it's right or wrong to determine our success. Not black and white, but some gray shades; shades that can look at everyone else. One person can think of someone very successful, but another person totally disagrees. Everything we cover is how we have determined success.

But what most people do for success?

Most people tend to become equal with money; the more money you have, the more successful you are. I agree and disagree. Confusing? I try to explain. For example, a person who generates money for child labor, without war, without arms trading, and so on. Do you think this person is successful? I do not. That person would have been able to make enough money to keep up a lifetime, but what effect did he have on him? It was good? How many lives did it make you luck? It does not correspond to the destruction of the success of life. The negative impact on society is unsuccessful. Understanding the rights of other people is unsuccessful.

On the other hand, there are people who become extremely rich as they like, but have a positive impact on society as a whole. I would like to introduce JK Rowling as an example. He is what I consider a modern hero and my favorite. She liked the reading for the current generation. She is the woman who started … she restored the trend. I liked reading and writing to read your books. In my honest opinion, I think she is sitting next to Tolkien's throne, but this is another article in itself. JK Rowling made all his love and passion in his book, comforted the world, and brought one of the richest. She is a woman who has come into the universe. This is my definition for success.

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