When you say that you are a special, breathtaking experience more when you say that this is the most popular person. However, there are different meanings of a word, so the special word can mean a hundred different things for different people.

You're strange because you're the only one.

Maybe this man is dating around you and you've found your soul mate in you. The special word means looking for a woman to spend her time.

You're strange because you really care about you.

Most people say that you are special when you are deeply in love with you. You have to express your own emotions, so say that. This is probably the most raw for all the reasons why you say you are a special person.

You're her man.

The man who says that you are special, can only mean that he already owns or names his own. That's what he says to keep himself. This is the way to tell the world that it is now a batch.

The special word is a love supplement.

Sometimes you can be so timid that you just can not tell how much he loves you. It just does not sound like it's serious, but it just tells you you're special to her.

You're strange because you appreciate your talents and skills.

This guy was supposed to beat you with your sweet singing or cooking skills. Then what is it to prevent her from being special because she really is? Not too many women could be good at painting, rock climbing or even knitting, so it is natural that she appreciates these things about you.

Say you're special or like braking his speeding emotions

He was just a gentleman. He was just a gentleman.

This man just tries to please him, but he's still not for him. You are kind to yourself because you are a woman, so it is the most strange word you can think of.

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