I like to dance when there is a point. For example, I spent many years learning dancing. It's very fun and I've always been dancing. But the dance of night clubs, where everybody is wolves, not me. I feel frightening and self-confident. Only so much bopping and twisting can come before it becomes boring.

I think part of the association is in swing dance. This is a special language between lead and tracking that combines something special.

Anyway, I was in a meditation workshop for the concert line party. He was selling dirty hippies, leaving only those cool people who wanted to join something. The guy leading the chanting and the tools was super cool – a liquid rest in a human-sized bottle. He attracted everyone in this calm, concentrated, and awesome state.

It could have been us.

Oh, no. His plans were bigger.

We put everything down, we get into the groove like the & # 39; 60 or something. Everyone is floating, run and half-comedian. They are all on the same level: this is the hippie level.

So you start chanting and playing with a bit more energy. Builds it at once. Soon we all stand and swing.

Everyone is still completely cold.

But he does not stop. It takes up energy again. Then a little more.

We're all banging around, jumping around, we're still pretty relaxed about everything.

Like clockwork, chanting rises to another level. The tools follow the leadership.

Everyone stands up, dancing, and is alive. 90-person stamps resonate on wooden floor tiles and blow up the dust.

The amount and energy of the hippy goes up again.

And again.

Everyone loves this. We all jump, chain, and dance, that there is nothing else in the world.

And music will be louder. And faster. Intensity arises.

We went mentally.

I did not dance before, and I doubt I'll do it again. The loud rhythm goes through the crowd. Everyone is on the move.

And just when I think that's right, it can not go higher. Naturally. Escalation has its own rhythm and can not be denied.

So I spent dying hours in 2017. I'm not sorry I'm losing masses and music again.

Even as this happened, some of my parts knew this hippie genius. He worked in a crowded room to control his own energy level.

1) Synchronization.

2) Settle all on a calm baseline.

3) Turn the volume up.

This is the reason why meditation is so huge: the first two things are so good and the third clears their minds. If you think that meditation is calm, yes. And you can only find your energy through tranquility.

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