2011th On the 22nd of February, Miracle on Ice was the 31st anniversary. The 30th anniversary of last year was a major part of the hype when the Olympics took place in Vancouver. It's hard not to inspire the US Team Hockey Story team from the 1980 Olympics in Lake Placid, New York! Probably a little more inspirational to me than someone who grew Upstate in New York just 130 miles from Lake Placid. I go through Lake Placid several times a year, for years at Clarkson University (an ice hockey school, although I played basketball) and back while I was enjoying college and postgraduate degrees.

There is something magical in the Adirondack National Park, where Lake Placid is located. There is something more magical in the Wonderland on the ice in Lake Placid, surrounded by the Adirondack National Park!

So one of my year-long incentive routines is the Miracle movie this week when the anniversary happens. I find this routine not only inspires and motivates me but also helps in the recovery. These are key aspects in the strategic direction of their energy, as it deals with the full power of Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz.

Herb Brooks was the innovative referee variable – a new hybrid hockey game that combines Soviet and Canadian hockey schools. What are the opportunities for us to do the same and win big in the next 6 months? The miracle of the US team unfolded in the gold medal for less than six months.

  • All Stars loses it because it only earns individual talent. Champion teams win because they use their talents in a system designed to develop their team! How can we create a better system for our talents to achieve high profits?
  • Herb Brooks played an important role in the struggle against the Soviet Union that "the 20 boys in 20 years knew they would not leave anything on the table". How can we capture our team's heart and head so that we do not miss anything on the table? Finally, you can not help but touch and motivate the pre-game speech that Herb Brooks is doing before the Soviet Union. It affects so many levels (including the inner child). That's why I would like to share with the customers the five-year-old Joshua Sacco release (YouTube search) in this pre-game speech!

    What inspirational routines have you built into the schedule?

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