Many people think that the intellectual capacity of an individual is influenced by age, racial and genetic factors. However, we can do many cognitive development techniques to make their minds more effective and alert. By opening left and right brain communication paths, a person can recover positive mental energy. This is just a matter of performing a regular mental exercise. The purpose of the development of the mind is essentially to attain the following three objectives:

1. to improve the speed and accuracy of mind and rational thoughts;
2. to raise awareness of the awareness that an individual can interact with his own mind with multiple perspectives simultaneously; and
3. remind the alarm at all times, so individual habits and automatic reactions do not take over.

Higher IQ and brain-powered people are generally better at mental illnesses. They are better able to cope with brain injuries and diseases such as head injuries, neurotoxins, psychosis, nerve and dementia as they have a higher cognitive reserve. Higher IQs usually mean better mental health.

It is true that one's brain power decreases as you age. It's a natural part of mankind. Our mental capabilities will culminate at the age of 22 and begin to decline until the age of 27, indicating the beginning of the natural aging process. Perception, reasoning, and mystery-solving skills are the first, which is reduced to 27 years of age. Memory begins to decrease at the average age of 37. One of the accumulated knowledge (vocabulary, general information, and trivia) stays up to the average until the age of 60. If you want to know these numbers, you have to start developing techniques earlier, ideally now, to avoid their decline.

Here are integrated theoretical development practices that help overcome forgetfulness and mental decline.

first Your mind is mentally active! Challenge the brain by taking on hobbies and activities: to read a book by crossword puzzles, try a blog, or learn a new language. Do not keep your brain in sleep, never!
2. Be Physical! Mind and body are one, so exercise is the most effective solution to preventing physical and mental states. It keeps your body's body and it's capable of it!
3. Maintain a healthy diet. Release foods that help improve brain energy such as whole wheat, fish, blueberries and protein foods.
4. Get enough sleep! Get the average eight hours a day as much as possible. If you do not get enough sleep, you may experience premature aging and other serious consequences.
5. Do not smoke or smoke. These activities are not only detrimental to physical health but can also damage brain cells.
6. Tap with your friends, family, and friends. Social interaction is healthy for one's own good and proves to prevent mental decline. Keep in touch with your family, friends, and loved ones, or indulge in your pet.
7. Learn the Stress. Stress is one of the worst enemies in the mind. To overcome mental decline by learning techniques that greatly overcome stress and mental relaxation exercises. You can listen to soothing music, get fresh air, breathe exercises, or relax in the fight against mental stress, to stimulate the development of minds.

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