"Do you find you angry a lot?" At this point, he shook his head. He felt criticized. Not least did he feel his own judgment. But worse than being afraid of my judgment. She was nine years old.

This happens to almost everyone; all those who are emotionally vulnerable when asked such questions. It is a difficult question to ask because society has made us look at shame; that self-control is somehow missing. As I asked for such a question, I expected the person answering to condemn it.

The answer to my answer is critical.

Read David, Jeremiah, Job

. You should be ready to bridge the more difficult subjects more easily

. Of course, we can't just liquidate it. Rapport must be created. It can be humor. Superficial issues can be and are the best in the dialogue. Indeed, it seems to be disarming to talk about issues that are difficult to talk about. But the harsh questions that precede the healing of mutual acceptance have been formulated in advance; accept themselves as usual; we both accept that God knows this is normal.

Anger, fear, shame, guilt, anger, bitterness, and the like are topics that most people avoid. This is because we feel bad that we are not happy, brave, grateful or flexible. But to recognize the truth about how we feel the ultimate in courage; this is the way to really feel happier and grateful;

Society frightens us to feel what we inevitably feel. Et cetera. These unfavorable and negative feelings are normal, yet, as a society, we suppress this discomfort, thinking it is bad because it feels uncomfortable. The Bible teaches that inconvenience may not only be normal but also a condition for growth.

Those who have never floated with a life-changing pain will be at a loss as to how the negative can help someone to reach the positive. They can never understand until the horrible day of the day when their lives are turned upside down. But God is the best at the magnificent strokes of healing. Darkness seems to bring out the best and brightest colors of the soul.

The loudest shouting soul hears the Lord's softer response because everything other than God has become irrelevant

. especially if it is not a character, we have to ask what happens to them. It is an intense feeling of confusion that we feel control, and anger is the most predictable answer.

When we are taken to desperate desperate caves, we move to a primitive place and such a place to meet the primitive emotions of anger.

We are always surprised and ashamed of these primitive responses. And guilt for such responses is still deeper into shame. If we only thought that there was a causal relationship between sorrow and anger, fear and sadness

it is time to strengthen those who suffer from unbridled anger, inseparable fear and unremitting sadness.

We all have to accept that the mind has limitations and when the cognitive capacity is violated, what's next and looks and ugly. We have to ask what helps … and not do what hinders it.

It is not fair and it is not true that those who suffer sorrow suffer desperately because of shame. Anger may be a sign of desperate confusion, desperate or frighteningly frightening or just crazy about what we find unjust.

Empathy is needed instead of judgment.

the voice of quiet comfort and the recognition of the cause and effect – this is the man's reason for being –


Offering the sufferer, creating the feeling of understanding them and making the compassion received and give it to others as empathy

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