Fully stressed? Or just a little stressed?

Why is this?

Can you live without any negative stress at all? Do you want to?

I challenge you to think about the answers to these questions.

I have seen many studies and many researches showing the relationship between high stress levels and health problems. It is obvious that this thing called stress is dangerous to our health, well-being and the general well-being of our lives.

What is "stress"? We hear people always complain about it, but what is it? What refers to workplace and emotional stress on people (not the emphasis on objects in physical experiments, not the emphasis on a syllable or musical note).

There are two kinds of stress. Anxiety (negative stress) and Eustress (positive stress). Eustress will be the subject of another article. Now, when I mention "stress", we are talking about anxiety.

"Stress" in the dictionary was

a specific response of the body that disturbs or disturbs the normal physiological balance affecting the body.

Interesting. Stress is the response to the stimulus. Is stress the answer you create? If so, shouldn't you be able to control this answer?

When I talk to people, they tend to pay attention to stress from their work or from any outside power that attacks them. They act as if they were not in control. If that were true, then maybe it is not worth talking or correcting. But think about it. Is this true? What is the truth in this situation? Do you stress something that we create, control, or external power that comes out of our control? Have you ever seen people cool, calm and gathered despite disasters and destruction?

Based on my own research over the years and my own personal experience, I found that stress is something that it consciously or unconsciously creates. You may not believe me yet, but continue reading and find out what you think at the end.

I always feel "stressed" when I am in a bad or negative mental state. Which means that when I focus on the negative things that can happen and everything is wrong in a particular situation. I noticed that if I think positively, focusing on the freedom I was in the next month, or mountain biking, or something that I am passionate about, the stressful situation will not get me at all. Nothing could freeze me.

According to my theory, people feel that they feel "stress" so they feel themselves. They are confused by the fact that they cannot do something good enough or tell them they can't do something in time. However, these thoughts do not help. Since I'm sure you agree, we all do better if we don't emphasize.

I found that everything in life is done to have the right attitude.

"Happiness does not depend on any external circumstance governed by our mental attitude"

– Dale Carnegie

] 39th it will be perfect. You will experience some level of stress. But I am exponentially reducing the amount of bad stress in my life through practice, learning, and awareness. I have a very low level of stress in general and you too.

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