List of Psychic Skills

There are many types and categories of various psychic abilities, and some can learn some kind of ability and others while others may experience more.

List of Psychic Abilities:

Telepathy – The power to communicate with others in the mind.

Telekinesis – The ability to move objects with the mind.

Incapability – To be able to see things that are not part of this physical world.

Intuition – The ability to feel what will happen.

There are many other psychic powers, and you should try to find out what's most important in you, for example, if you experience something that I have not found a logical explanation.

Learn Telepatia

Telepathy is just a kind of psychic work. This requires telepathic practice. Try to find a partner close to you, such as your family or close friend, open mind, and a positive attitude. Decide who will be the host and who will be the sender of this practice. The buyer will be the one who gets the image, the word, or whatever the sender wants to send.

Before doing this, you probably want to breathe simpler breathing or earthing meditation to keep your mind silent and be calm and calm, and be ready to exercise your psychic. Make it easier to look outside if your thoughts are still empty.

Practicing Telepathy

1. Step

Sit next to each other on the foot to impress the earthing. Close your eyes and take a few seconds to settle down to some deep souls. Open your eyes and look at the person in front of you to get clear theoretical visualization of the landscape and where the other person is. It's a good idea to focus on the other person's forehead as it will focus on delivering the impression.

2nd Step

Now close your eyes. Now the sender has to start sending the image you want to send. You can choose an image, word, sound, emotions, etc. But it is easier to start an image as it's easier to display as you send it. Select a clear or colored image.

3rd Step

View the energy channel that moves slowly from its forehead and becomes stronger and longer and moves toward the receiving forehead. Imagine that the energy channel will coincide with the customers' forehead and now there will be a power channel between you. Now take your picture to send and make it clear in your mind. Imagine sending the image from your mind and from the tunnel to the receiver, take your time, and do not hurry. Imagine being slow to reach the host's forehead and then penetrate into your mind. Look at the picture as much as you can in the receiver and continue. Let the other person tell you what he saw as much detail as possible.

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