To understand how origami helps stress relief, it is important to understand what stress is and why it is to be treated. The definition of stress itself is full of contradictory views. Hans Seyle is one of the first professionals who reaches the definition. In 1956, he said, "Stress is not necessarily something bad, it all depends on how you behave." Stressful, creative successful work is stressful, and the disadvantage of failure, humiliation or infection is disadvantageous. "He thought the effect of stress became apparent that stress was caused by a positive or negative experience.

Richard S Lazarus has since found the most widely accepted definition of stress." Stress is a condition or feeling when a person senses that their needs the personal and social resources mobilized by the individual are exceeded. "As this description is most acceptable, we can summarize it by saying," People feel stressed when they are in a situation that they do not have the necessary management experience.

Stress refers to worry or sorrow and comes from many sources of everyday life. Whether it is children, partners or work, the symptoms are the same: nervousness, anxiety, shortness of nervousness, sleep disturbances. who are suffering from smoke Stress is an invisible tension in us. It leads to unusual and often harmful behavior and is very harmful in the long run.

Origami is a great way to treat stress. Stress is just a physiological problem. Thus origami uses both the mind and the hands to achieve a sedative effect. The art of origami means the collapse and crease of paper. It uses both sides of the brain. The brain is divided into two parts, as we know, the right hand is the left hand and the left is the right hand. As you commit your mind to telling your hands what to do, both the body and the body provide a channel or focus. Because both the body and the body are absorbed in the details of the collapse and wrinkling of the paper. Design begins to shape something aesthetic to make you look better. Feelings of satisfaction and satisfaction can help alleviate the symptoms you anticipate. Simple origami shoots and creases can be used for a wide variety of different patterns. Including animals, the Japanese crane is the starting point. Which many dogs and cats can lead to elephants

There are many good things about origami. After mastering the original collapses and wrinkles. As confidence gives you a boost, you can experience your experience and try complex designs. The folding mode remains the same, regardless of whether the design is complex or simple. SAY. the patterns are not determined by different types of shoot. But from the way in which the shoots are built, creating different designs. So after you have mastered the basics, you limit your imagination. Recognizing the symptoms of stress is part of the heart attack, proactive in treating stress, minimizing stress. The body and mind balancing method certainly helps. If you leave your origami skills up to 10 minutes a day, this will give you a less stressful life.

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