At this time, online dating services became so popular that this is the most common dating form. According to a study by the Online Publishers Association and COM Score Networks, individuals in 2004 spend over $ 450 million on online dating and personal services. This study is the largest part of paid content on the web.

There are over a thousand different dating sites available in early 2006., eHarmony, Yahoo Personals and American Singles are the most popular sites.

Initially, a strong social stigma associated with online dating forms that have been occurring since the beginning of the Internet. Many people thought that those who came online, were weird, socially bad, or otherwise unwanted people who needed extreme measures to find dates.

However, online dating has become more popular in the mid-1990s. This is the culmination of the change Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan called "You Got Mail", which appeared in 1998. Web dating stigma has disappeared in the pre-set days and ages. Today, it is a widely understandable, practical and effective way to meet people in terms of dates, relationships and marriage.

Online dating has more advantages than by accident or bar, nightclub or party. For example, an online dating site user can browse & # 39; profiles & # 39; about the possible dates before communicating with them. This offers a selectivity element that bars and other traditional meeting places are missing.

Man is also restricted to people living in the lounge, in a living social environment. You can also take part in a conversation you do not have any interest in. Rejection of live scenarios is always present. On the other hand, it is much easier to thank people who would otherwise be too loud to approach the internet. Thousands of people can choose from anywhere in the country.

People who criticize online dating often refer to many of the dangers of the modern phenomenon. They cite the examples where users deceived, lied, and sometimes kidnapped or attacked the people they met on the Internet. However, online dating threats are common to all forms of dating form.

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