Error is the flipside of success. No one can escape; nobody ever escaped. This is the many unchangeable laws of life. Do you agree?

In business, education, health, finance, social media, farming, teaching, management, stock market, relationships, blogs, etc. 19659002] It also decides if the failures of the profession, project, profession, art, science, education or knowledge could bring life to life.

If we consider failure to be temporary, we succeed in facing the heat and the fire in order to learn the valuable lessons behind the failures. But if we blame the devil, the enemy, the external factors or anything else, our mistakes, then the way of thinking has been fixed and the lessons can not be learned. Man is the devil, man is the saint. Our way of thinking determines whether we are going to rise and continue the journey every time we run away or get stuck somewhere along the line.

There is no one in this terrestrial plane without number. Not one. Many times I did not succeed. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose, but our world is expanding.

Now, why. Each time we do not succeed, we meditate, sober and meditate, and try to find out what happened in design, plotting or strategy. Or if hell is an obstacle to the road to success

If we are aware of the failures and we want to take responsibility for it

It's okay to blame the devil, external factors, whatever our failures. But it's not really right.

If it does not succeed, we need to pause to reflect, go back to our drawing board to re-strategize and act.

Just like me, I'm pretty sure you do not like discomfort, stress or discomfort that comes with failure.

You and I love the joy, stress-free life and the many comforts of life. This is life for you. That's why there is nothing wrong with it.

But in fact, to succeed, we face fire, heat, leave our comfort zones, work our ass, ignore disruption, and learn lessons to grow. This inevitable side of the failure

This beauty, the valuable and timeless lessons we must learn from our failures. God Blesses Humanity

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