Because I like to share my knowledge with the world, I packed it into a paragraph, from the compressed version of all the wisdom in them. Here is my (not necessarily good) advice:

If you can not say something nice, stop it as long as you go because an ounce prevention is good for the gander and the wheaters are not moss. If you have any doubts, eat lots of chocolate and let the sleeping dogs have time to smell all the eggs in a basket. Crime does not pay you for bridges. Practice makes a gift a roll of stone in the mouth and spoils the soup. Too many chefs reserve the stick and throw the early bird. Look before you jump because money is the root of death and taxes.
Someone has copied some of the other sentences of the fifties and sixties somewhere to upgrade them to zero. I do not know who gets their faith to write these but to live words:
Children need to be seen and do not count on money. When the button starts, her mom is on the phone. People in greenhouses can not watch TV in lingerie. If you can not say something beautiful, be with the natives. Where the smoke is, my husband cooked. You can kill some people over time, but you can not let a person change the toilet paper roll. A pound of chocolate was worth its gold weight. Time flies when checking emails. Nothing is certain that your computer crashes if you have not saved any files.

And here's my favorite wisdom: It's better if I loved it and lost it like I never tasted the chocolate.

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