Space is never enough even if you have to save a lot. No matter how small or unusual the room, the open and creative mind will always see that the untapped space has changed from perfection to poky. The experts will tell you how.

Solid Wood Furniture Extra Space Use Tips

Embrace Change

All of the multipurpose wooden furniture and the new trend. Find a table that can serve as a dining table and desk, you can purchase a sofa that can be doubles as a guest bed or served for a coffee table and bonus seats when a guest arrives.

Bare Walls

If your room is uncomfortable, place the empty walls. Good for hanging inspirational wall hangings, you know!

  • Built-in shelves – Built-in shelves or wall shelves are perfect without leaving the room.
  • Bar stands – Kitchen cabinets full of pots and pans? Adding a few barracks to the wall will create more storage space and a strange cabinet
  • Corner Shelves – Often ignore dust collecting, and the empty corner shelf is an excellent solution for additional shelves. Add a little life to the oak living room set with the addition of the beautiful decorative elements of the corner shelves


There is nothing to make a small place smaller and more group than to see everything. So, consider all available methods. Curtains and other fabrics are great and easy to cover on doors and shelves. Invest in baskets and boxes that you like to hide loose matters. Furniture with concealed storage, the built-in is worth the investment.


OK – are you sick of hearing it? But to be honest, this is one of the best tips to maximize the place in your home. There are many things in the house that need to be replaced or just place more space in the store. We've been writing a lot of times, and there are plenty of tips to try. But the most important advice is to be able to let go of things. Instead of holding any object you own, it is better to consider replacing it. Ask yourself, "Do I need this?"

Hide the container

It is not necessary for any stored item to appear. Wooden furniture is a great way to hide things – it helps protect baskets, shelves and the like for a clean look that still increases storage.

  • Under the bed – It's time to get rid of dust and use the bed under the bed. The under-bed storage is a smart way to make the bedroom orderly and orderly.
  • Open shelves – Replace your bed base with open shelves. This creates the storage area piles and acts as a favorite shelf for nice books and houseplants.
  • Rolling Drawers – Sensible, right? Just pull yourself some old drawer or roller wheels from a local hardware store and you have a rolling underwear storage.

Interior design requires a lot of variety and creativity to play around styles and space to make the most of your furniture. You must experiment continuously to achieve the ideal results. Do you have any ideas to create ideas, share it with us?

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