There are often suggestions for harassment: such as:

Ignore harassment. Forced people seek a reaction and lose interest if they do not get satisfaction.

But we advice this counsel incorrectly. It feels intuitive, so we see that this is suggested, but not wisely, based on experience or research.

Many years ago I worked on a research project that assessed the frequency and prevalence of sexual harassment. I have the opportunity to raise open questions on open-ended issues related to harassment, including reports on harassment by women:

How did you react to harassment?

The targets of harassment indicated that they said nothing but their cold shoulders or a cold glance at these acts sending a clear message that they did not care about the harasser and stop the harassment because the bully did not want to get the attention.

When I asked the men what he did not do, "cold shrug" or cold look "was meant to be a contribution." Silence was called an invitation, quietly agreed, silently hailed. "

Here is the absolute difference in the interpretation of the same behavior.The victims believed the silence was gold Harassers thought that silence was at the center of attention

So what should be kept in mind that NONE IS NOT STOP NEVER WANTED to be harassment or harassment.

So, the next time you're harassed, think about the paradox of silence, you feel like the right thing, but it does not stop the tyrants.

The real reason for silence is that we do not want to make matters worse and we do not know what to say, which makes things better.

He allowed the conversation not to stop the tyrants, but at least not you are feeling abusive or vulnerable and will not pay that terrible price to harm your health, well-being, confidence, and life.

Using your voice is what makes sense for the perpetrators. Here are four suggestions for recovering your life and dignity.

first Ask the bully to repeat the above mentioned. It points out without judging or condemning behavior. Now you're in a battle-haired attack. "Forgive me, I really did not know how to repeat, should you tell me?"

2nd Ask the bully what it meant to say. This forces the tyrants to speak and listen. I'm not sure what you mean, you can explain it. & # 39;

3rd Ask the bully what it means to be a behavior. This calls into question the tyrants to pay attention to their non-verbal behavior. Hmm, it does not seem to take into account the comment, is there anything you want to say? I would like to hear. & # 39;

4th Ask bully to provide the information you need to complete the project. Calling bully is the last thing you have to wait and see to shake the world. I'm sorry, I see there is a deadline for the Johnson project and I do not have any final information. I'm just following you in your office to pick it up. & # 39; (It may be useful for the public to appear, the tyrant may try to make you ridicule before others, but you will know that you have not received the necessary information.)

The essence of the 4 suggestions is to make public and communicate to you that you are aware, what they say and are prepared and that we are willing to respond to it.

These are suggestions to help you figure out whether there's a tiger in the tail or a wrinkled cat.

Suggestion 5 can not recommend, but this is one of my favorites because it's a simple counterattack, I work for a man I know.

Nancy was a lawyer, a new position in a larger law firm. One named partner quickly rebuked the harassment. With this challenge he responded to harassment:

Listen, if you want to buy this, you can do this, or you can interrupt me and try to get me back.

This bully pulled back and never tried to launch it again. Protesters who respond to this & # 39; there are those I call Tiger / Kitty.

The tiger's gloves do not believe they will face it because they like tigers, but in fact, I'm just scared of all the noise and run wearily like the first rumble.

Be sure to review these steps and write the script to memory. Without a timetable, a tiger may have a tail.

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