Stress is a fact of life! Regardless of your industry or profession, you can be sure that stress situations, individuals and environments will all be powerful forces that, without addressing skills and awareness, endanger the achievement of goals and the lifestyle you seek. Yet, like the proverbial head of the sand syndrome, we ignore this fact and ignore the learning of how to treat it more effectively with the countless stress that we have to deal with every day.

These short series of articles will examine the phenomena of stress in our lives from different angles in order to understand how to handle our workplace pressure more effectively.

Understanding the Stress Factor

As waves of the ocean, stress comes and goes by itself. This is when we experience conflicts and exist on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels of our existence. Typically, there are pressures for which we have no control and those over which we do! Knowing the difference between the two is critical to our well-being if the negative & # 39; emphasize what the result is when we try to control the impossibility, worry about the inevitable and consistent reasoning in the & # 39; -with.

At the workplace, this dynamics is becoming more intense as we feel that we have to be implemented and always remain responsible, because we get it. We often fear that our existence and our survival depend on our performance, and that we must produce it at all costs. And these costs? Typically, overtime is physically, mentally, and emotionally compromised, with more and more frustration, anger, fatigue, burnout, and some. Statistically, stress-freedom is counted as millions of organizations, as more and more people are making this the most mysterious and damaging hostile actor!

Still not all is lost. Be aware that our goal is to be successful, effective, and successful, and we do not know how to get to us without endangering our health and well-being, a practice that is totally unnecessary. In this 3rd series, Insights examines mental, physical, and emotional arenas for workplace stress management to learn more about workplace stress management.

3 Key Mental Insights to Transfer Stress at the Workplace

1. Attitude and Aptitude – The Most Important Recognition You Need to Do is not the actual stressor you need how to deal with stressors! We would like to point out that I have emphasized the word "choice" because if we do not understand that there is always a choice, we will never feel that we are able to deal effectively with stress. Often, we may be able to perform well and be successful if we face obstacles such as a non-realistic workload or timeline, lose our perspective, and with our thoughts we are not good enough. or & # 39; loss & # 39;

2. Passion and Purpose – recognize that when we make a compromise and work that we don't really want, we ultimately push ourselves in the opposite direction to our hearts. This does not mean that we occasionally have to attach and execute the tasks that we are required of us since we don't like us. Which means that in the big picture we have to adjust the choices of work with what our heart wants. We call this passion and we are all born with it. We need to take the time to discover the passion and then examine how we can relate it to our work. This is the purpose and meaning of all our efforts. And when we activate both our purpose and our passion, we are empowered to deal with tasks and responsibilities that have been emphasized in different circumstances.

3. Cutting the Chaos – knows that the mess is a phenomenon in both your environment and your mind. During my 20 years of work-related stress management, the mess is usually in the first 3, which is overwhelming and stressful. I can always determine the level of stress a person is watching, the observed place where he works or lives. But in order to clarify this confusion and physical cleansing, it is essential to address the problem of thinking. I have noticed that the two are hand in hand, and that the long-term results of treating stress-causing disorders should be dealt with on a mental and emotional level.

In the 2nd part of the series, I will examine three key nutritional insights on the physical level that affect workplace stress.

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