It is estimated that 500,000 people in the UK suffer from work-related illnesses, and another 5 million people report that they were very or very stressful at work. Workplace stress also has an impact on people's external work: 55% of full-time employees say that at the end of the day, stress has come to their homes.

All a mental health organization has found that stress accounts for 10% of UK gross domestic product, but more than 90% of companies have no strategies to handle it. They record 12.8 million days a year in the loss of stress, but they think they are losing up to 50 million days of stress.

What is stress?

Stress is a reaction that derives from the survival mechanism of our story when it was "fighting or flying". Nowadays, a certain level of stress can be healthy and create motivation in the workplace, but if it becomes impossible rather than a feasible challenge, it becomes a negative stress.

Negative stress is defined by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) as "people should be under excessive pressure or other type of need."

What are the symptoms of stress?

There are many symptoms of stress and stressful people may appear one, more or more. Events occurring as a mental symptom of stress may become physical, and some physical illnesses may be aggravated by stress.

– Physical symptoms include sleep problems, tension headaches and migraine, heart disease, fatigue and hypertension.

– Mental symptoms include anxiety, depression, irritability, memory problems, and the feeling that there is no control.

– Relational symptoms include increased arguments about collections and the family, road anger, lack of interest in social activity, and overreactions.

What can an employer do to reduce stress?

It is important for a company seeking to reduce the causes of stress to recognize the causes and effects of stress. There are several ways in which an employee can reduce stress and some may be more suited to certain jobs than others. Here are some of the ways companies helped to reduce the effects of stress:

– Introducing flexible work either by working from home or by introducing a flexible time system

– Promoting lunch or relaxation hours

– Promoting stressed workers Advisors

– Providing Interpersonal Skills

– Defining and Understanding the Role of Employees

– Ensuring that Employees Have the Most Role

– Encouraging Workers to Have a Full Lunch and Don't Work late

What to do when stressing the workplace

to develop what causes stress and to find some strategies to reduce the level of stress.

If your employer does not help you, you may have an accident at work, which will allow you to claim financial compensation for the pain and suffering you have experienced and any other loss caused by stress. Preventing workplace accidents can help improve the working conditions of the collectives and compensate for the effects on stress.

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