If you want to be a starter, you need to shape your body. You have to train your skills better, no matter what sport you are playing. Tennis players have to work with technology, footballers need to be ready for their rush, runners have to work their pace and everyone must work out muscle groups whose strength and strength must compete and win.

This is clearly no news that anyone – we all know this, even if we do not play sports. "The practice is perfect" and yet did you take into account the need for theoretical development? What did you do to strengthen or meditate? Well, let me explain three brain exercises you can do at home to help develop your personal mind. Why not take it completely to a new level?

All right, let me explain these exercises, and you can try them:

First practice:

Imagine a three-dimensional shape in your heart as it goes. Begin with simple symmetrical shapes, you can change into a variety of forms in a variety of ways, well, if you are going to sleep, you will have good dreams.

The Second Number:

If you feel better, skip down on one track and become a particle, imagine the planet, the day, your way, faster. Share yourself several pieces you encounter with yourself and create sparks faster and faster.

Three Practices:

The "8s" shape around the moon and the planet, to the other stars and back, faster and faster.

Try these techniques at least 20 to 30 minutes a day before bedtime. After a month, tell me how you did it. I bet you will see the results and it's best to be free. You have your mind – use it. Think about it.

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