Do you have a heart with your heart? Would you like to shout to the whole world that your love is sweet? Adorable love quotations help you end your loving thoughts of love and make yourself as ridiculous.

Whether you're in love or love at the beginning of your relationship or just love the joys of love, let these cute love quotes reflect your romantic and humorous side.

Let these humorous quotes about love give you some funny smile. Share these quotes with your family and friends to have some smiles.

There are many ways to bring joy and fun to your love affairs. Roses are bouquets, sending a loving message when the lover feels romantic. Sending a love poem or writing yourself is an extremely romantic gesture. There is also a wonderful love letter writing. Use a synonym dictionary and descriptive words to describe the best pages of my dear mother

Another way is to use loving quotes on your Valentine's Day card, emails, and messages to let a certain player put you in your relationship. Love and love your girlfriend or friend

Add a hybrid romance with these quotes and simply let the warm love quotations envelope

List of the 10 Best Love Quotes

1) "Other men have seen angels, but I've seen you and you are enough. "- G. Moore

2)" I do not run into love, it's a tough fourth grade. "- Regina & # 39; Age 10 & # 39; 19659002 3) "I felt a long and silent or I was in love or I was a smallpox." – Woody Allen

4) "Kiss is a nice trick that nature has planned to stop talking when words become redundant "- Ingrid Bergman

5)" I married the first person I ever kissed. "- Barbara Bush

6)" Gravity is not responsible for loving people "- Albert Einstein

7)" No we believe in rheumatism and the righteous "- Marie E. Eschenbach

8." Women are to love, they do not understand. "- Oscar Wilde

9." Everyone loves to become a poet. " – Plato

10) "Love is like an hour glass, and the heart fills up as the brain drains." – Jules Renord

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