Famous love quotes are among the most sought after love quotes by humans. Let the famous love quotations inspire you in your love affairs.

Some of these love quotes are such famous people as Mother Teresa, Oscar Wilde and others. It's always interesting to learn the famous people's opinions and opinions about love.

Sometimes the quote becomes famous because it points to certain truths about love or a refreshing perspective that you have never considered before. And over time, the quote becomes very popular and others are well received.

Whether you are curious about how famous people say about love or hope that famous love quotations inspire, there is usually a valuable lesson to learn from these quotes.

List of Top 10 Famous Love Quotes

1) "If you judge people you do not have time to love them." Teresa's mother

2) "Keep your love in your heart without being like a garden without sun, when the flowers are dead, the love of love and the love bring life warmth and wealth." – Oscar Wilde

3) "Love does not sit there like a stone, but it's like bread, it is renewed, renewed …" – Le Guin

4) "To love to love – all is against it and all the healthy instincts of it. "- Samuel Butler

5)" What should we know about love, not a secret, we all know what a loving behavior is, but just act and not constantly question. the end does not bring us closer to insight, sometimes we are considered too busy, we are separated and examined to remember that love is easy. 6) "Love means that we ourselves, without warranty, commit ourselves to giving ourselves completely, hoping that our love will create love in the loved one. Love is the act of faith and everyone has little faith in the little love." "Erich Fromm

8)" And now, here is my secret, that is, the love that we give, the only love we hold, the only way to preserve love, "Antoine de Saint-Exupery

9." If you love someone deeply, it will give you strength while you love someone with courage. "- Lao Tzu [19659002] 10) "I learned not to worry about love; – Alice Walker

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