Stress is usually caused by inadequate expectations, commitments that are difficult to get rid of, bite more than chew, expectations that others have for you and you feel you have not met. The causes of stress include anxiety and frustration. Stress kills; changing dietary habits, losing appetite and whole food in the body, shrinking and decreasing, and actually suffering from stress-related complications. Stress is a spiritual test. The state of the mind. So it does not hit anyone but a deliberate stress mode. Obviously, I admit that I know what stress I can do when I tried to commit suicide in my life. Now this is the worst thing that can actually happen. I could not sleep for more than 2 hours, emphasizing things I could not control. I became myself, thinking about myself and my problem that many people were cut off in my life and what's going on in my brain. My stress began to spread to my immediate family and then to the extended family. The problem was to find the causes of stress. When someone asked (my wife), I would highlight the case in a glossy way; referring to the symptoms as the real problem. One day I made a decisive decision to leave the dangerous situation and live a normal life.

first Identifying the Roots of Stress – Stress is not general. The path of stress solving by identifying the root cause. Without everlasting stress resonance. Stress is sometimes stressful. If you are having trouble getting the symptoms, you can say that you have found the time in a very creative way. You will not stand the stress. Character or external problem (other people, economy, social environment). If so, exactly what causes stress? If it can not be true what's going on, then it will never be a real solution. Living in a stress denial simply incubates or nourishes stress until it is depressed.

2nd Remove potential stress sources – If you identify what leads to stress, start removing these elements from your life. Remove all the causes of stress and start abandoning it. You can make a final change or a step where the baby leaves. Eg If your debt is a trigger, stop things that increase your debt but begin to use your savings, no matter how small your debt reduction is a baby step at a time. Remove from people whose behavior and speech leave you. Block online relationships that increase the level of stress. Avoid pain-reminding things.

3rd Find Alternative Things to Focus on – It's easy to digest in a simple way of thinking and looks at the point that this is the only thing you need to think about. Mind is usually a creative tool, but there are cases where creativity processes are closed by a conceptual line that the mind locks. In this state everything else, no matter how good it is, is closed. The mind increases what you are focusing on. If the focus is on the problem, stress is growing. He thinks you have no concern and find the positive thing. Stress might be a solution to processing or something completely different, new passion. It only takes the mind by thinking.

4th Notice what you think – there are many sources of information. When it feels stressful, sometimes people jump out of the concrete statements, the person seeking reinforcements, sympathy and encouragement. When they do not come here when people did not seem to see or know about their problem, they actually add to stress as they may be. Do you get positive news on TV, friends who call you positive, or just tell you you can not get out of the stress? Stress is much more mental than physical. It grows like a cancer in the mind. It only becomes physical because it leads to depression and results in a complete shutdown of the organs. It is difficult to think differently if you continue to explore the same variables or circumstances that cause you stress. If there is a stress point between the masses, go to a park, go to a wildlife park, to the nature. As long as you are away from home, your mind can think differently.

5th Repeat the job you do – Do you just work to nourish your family and still do not feel passionate about what you're doing? This can certainly cause stress. Notice what he is passionate about. Sometimes people go too far to try to be fruitful in areas that are not competent and passionate. It can only be fruitful if you have mastered the trade and added your passion to what you are doing. Passionless ability always causes stress. Passion raises anxiety without any skill. There is a balance between the two, and work will not get you stress. If you are an employee, you always understand your employer's expectations to avoid frustration. You do not want your employer to come up with expectations that you will not communicate with you. Clarify the job description to avoid stress.

6th Look at your standard of living – Sometimes we raise such a high level of standard of living as we are just now. It's almost impossible to reach this level, and yet we want people to think that we have arrived. The difference between reality and aspiration lives on the level of stressed people. If I want my friends to think well and have a good job I will do everything, even if you rent a big house, rent a car or rent a car. All this extra effort is so expensive because it is so much in the financial resources available. If you want a stress-free life, you should target it high but not in a way that discourages you towards the goal. Enjoy your assets while saving money for your life. Do not put excess pressure on it. People who are trying to impress you are not interested in just thinking of their own business. This is the waste of time, energy and resources to create an image that does not exist. This is actually a stress enhancer.

7th Take the skeleton out of the closet – it's really tough. Sometimes people only know secrets for themselves. Obviously, "I never know anyone about it". However, I noticed that for me this is so stressful thinking of my skeleton all the time. Even so, the "skeleton" can be pulled up so that even if people stumble on it, it is so self-evident and appropriate that the collision is pressed. Dual life life is stress-enhancing. The only way to dispel the stress is to expose the secrets to the people you know that you are confident and can walk in the tough moments of life. Be real; be open enough to keep your attention from trying to conceal who you are. Get the help you need. I know that the pastors who committed themselves because of their roles and expectations have hidden their struggles, have not received help in time and still deny that they have hard core morality and drinking issues. If a problem arises, the handle is loosened. Be responsible to someone and go all the way. What if people know? It does not matter until you find the necessary help. Practice wisdom in selecting people who need to know. If you are not ready for the world to know, then carefully choose some trustworthy and close people.

8th Be intentional to avoid stress and move – Can say that no. Humans enter "stressful" people with "yes". Sometimes I was like that. I could not afford to "disappoint" anyone rejecting what they ask me, but soon they say that yes, I'm sorry for the duration of the favor. It is also intentional to create a time of relaxation and relaxation, listening to music, eating your favorite food. Nobody can do that. Go out and get help from those who can offer you professionally. You may need to pull out of the pit. What you can not control, especially other people, is not worth emphasizing. Focus on what is in your management and change. However, if someone is the source of stress, avoid it all because it explodes once; talk to them about how they feel. You may not know how much stress they have been for you. Teach them their role in raising stress.

ninth Make the best of the worst – It may be the worst dark season of your life, but it has an expiration date every season. Look at the positive side of the stressed situation and see what you can do about it. All things really work together for good if you decide to change your perception and thinking. Yes, you lost your job, but you made time with your family, lost a car and saved fuel, maintenance, and so on. There is no situation that is so vague that the positive outputs can not be pulled out. When you find the best in the situation, avoid self-denial and self-denial. You actually forgive yourself and change a new page.

10th Priority in Your Life Matters – Not all things can be for every person and you are still alive. One day, consider things that are compulsory and "nice". You can not finish everything in one day. Perform your tasks in terms. It might be a bit, but the point is we're closer to the end point. When you plan your activity, there is no reason for anxiety. All you can do is enter your plan and you will not run from the pillar, so you want to know how to do all the activities. Leave the less important at the bottom of the list. Prioritize where to spend your money. Focus on real estate, things that devalue the day of purchase. The importance of education costs is a matter of heavy entertainment. It is easy to emphasize that others are happy living, they do not realize that while they are looking for "things", they seek career development

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