The idea is to focus on certain concepts is not an easy task, as we tend to repeatedly repeat the same patterns of thinking overnight. Starting from ideas and techniques of thinking development, every day I consciously seek to pass my mind with inspirational questions, phrases, quotations and articles.

Over the years, I have collected many spiritual, physical and mental information and in this post I list the most important concepts that made me think positively and at times have to think about my current view.

This list is not in a particularly important order, and most of the terms, quotations or statements will not be elaborated because (I hope) will be self-evident, but of course I will develop the things that I feel are needed further clarification.

Let's start …

1. Do not try to be popular … you are alone when you completely accept yourself. […] … every time he's angry, he poisoned his own system. As Albert Einstein says: Anger resides only in the bosom of fools

3 … Do not accept the definition of your life, do not settle for yourself, never lose heart.

4 … There is always a desire to learn. Stagnation is the result of complacency that is able to shine.

5 … Forgiving your enemy is a gift you give yourself. Drop the package, release it and move forward.

6 … Beware of intellectual knowledge. Every great wisdom starts when we realize that we are not as much as we believe.

7 … The most difficult task to complete a task. Once you've started, it's harder to stop it.

8 … We all have problems, so we treat those that separate us from everyone else.

9 … Fear got the bad representative. Fear can not be without hopes or hope. Baruch Spinoza

10 … In life, only a few things are very important. What is yours?

11 … You can control what information is on your mind on a daily basis. The more negative the information is, the less optimistic you will be.

12 … We live in two worlds at one time. Most of the people I encountered believe that we live in a world and because of this misunderstanding they never learn how to cultivate our "inner world" to create the "outside world".

13 … not what you do not want. And keep the emphasis on.

14 … Rule 80/20 … 80 percent of the value will be 20 percent of your business.

15 … Parkinson's Law … .. Things can be done faster than you think, the more time it takes, the more time it takes.

16 … The worries most often are only the waste of time, the useless thought created by dubious thinking.

17 … The positive thing is contagious, so look for friends who look around on the bright side.

18 … You think you're right, Henry Ford.

19 … Replaces a bad habit for a good one. Instead of another habit, it works a lot more often. If you want to smoke, start running.

20 … Not what is outside that affects your life, this is the reaction that is outside that affects your life. silently for 20 minutes, just to think about how you connect everything and everyone can get a great insight.

22 … Finally release and hug everything that life offers, be it an obstacle or opportunity.

23 … Do not stop the non-trivial issues and start dealing with the really important things.

24 … You have to start every day with thanksgiving.

25 … Take some time to meditate, even if it only takes five minutes.

26 … Do not think in life as things change, you never know when it will be too late

27 … Your mind will lie to you and your mind will deceive you for better if you stay in your comfortable zone, but you are not the one you are the master and master in your mind.

28 … Every day a little weed is negative thoughts and words. Do not react to negative conscience, just listen and listen to it. [29] Life will be hard and dishonest when you decide to complain about it rather than try to change it.

30 ..

31 … We consciously strive to praise others for criticism

32 … Too much TV viewing can not be a good self-esteem. There is no control over the information fed by the media, and as a consequence, we unconsciously feed our minds to negative views in biased media.

33 … Listen to your thoughts with real power. Analyze, test, and ask questions. (describe what you've gained through this practice)

34 … for a year, fear a fear and create a new accumulation based on accumulation law

35 … Most people do not breathe properly. Deep breaths relax the mind and body to become aware of it and every day. Make the magnet with the word "BREATHE" at the fridge door and take a deep breath when you see it.

36 … Choosing success does not necessarily make you happy, but happiness selection will undoubtedly be successful.

37 … You do not have to win every argument. I do not agree.

38 … Do not compare your life with others. You have no idea how traveling is.

39 … Love yourself, respect yourself, know that you are perfect and you think you are worthy. (this is true, never forget, always remind yourself).

40 … Wake up to the truth that life is not a practice. Be bold, bold, and decide on decisions that will help your growth.

41 … Write down 20 things you admire yourself and look over each night before you get up and get up every morning. Do not place it in a box and do not let anybody throw it into a box. You are from this moment, whatever you want to be, this is your choice, do not let anybody do it for you.

43 … Take all the obstacles you face in your life, the arsenal of strengths, as you can undoubtedly learn a valuable lesson … Do not look for happiness, already the gift of life is enough to make you happy. If you do not believe it, you will not live, simply … existent.

45 … No one knows anything more than you do. Your opinion is the only one that really matters. [46] I'm confident that things will always work the best in the end. This is the only way to look at your life. The biggest mistake is that we can not risk the failure at all. Most of the things you're scared will never happen again … There is no truth, only perception … your perception.

49 … Do not be afraid or ashamed to find mistakes in understanding your business.

50 … you are alone responsible for creating your life as you wish. Nobody comes to save you, this is your business. […] Shine your daily routine, or at least know how much time you spend, the same routines that do little or no conscious effort.

52 .. Expand your vocabulary daily by learning a new word

53 … Waiting for the Problems and Eating for Breakfast – Alfred A. Montapert

54 … Walk where nature is booming is a beauty.

55 … He's making more efforts to smile more often. You and everyone you contact will benefit.

56 … Read the book Don Miguel Ruiz and practice what you learn. The "Four Agreements" and "The Voice of Knowledge" can change your prospects for your life.

57 … exercise outcomes in positive light before going on the road. your feelings, instead of getting up and reacting to them. [59] Ask your faith. The quality of our lives is determined by our faith. Many of our beliefs are not even ours, as our parents, peers and society generally have stolen a certain structure. List your life list so far to see where there are limiting beliefs, and consider how important it is to trust them, or that it is time to let them go.

60 … Use the "Control Law" of what thoughts allow your mind to live. Use the "insertion law" to fit into your minds that you think. These two laws, when used in the same way, are very powerful tools.

61 … Do not try to change people, it does not work, people change only when they really want to.

62 … Make sure it is in the right direction and all you have to do is move on.

63 … Never envy another man's success, but make them happy.

64 … Make conscious efforts to listen to more than you are talking about.

65 … be the person who is really interested in other people.

66 … Look, "this is a wonderful life"

67 … Do not sit around waiting for things to happen, it is not unusual for some waiting their whole life to wait for the right moment to shine … it's time to shine and now.

68 … Think through the statement that "your health is yours"

69 … You always give more, in return. We definitely reward you if you consistently live this rule.

70 … Do not let life just happen to you. Consciously strive to go out and get the things you want. This is your reality, so you can behave like this. [71] We can not keep an active conversation with people who question your skills. Spend more time with people who believe in you and help you succeed. [72] Look back on your life, and let go of all the grief you have. Life is too wonderful for your sorrow.

73 … You will never depend on your happiness again. I'm happy with you, but without me I'm happy too. This is very important.

74 … Self-consciousness is no more thought-provoking than self-care about yourself.

75 … If you are unhappy, then you do not have to continue what others might think. It's your life and you have to face the consequences yourself with your decisions. [76] 76 … We will repeat the same mistakes until we learn the lesson. Think about it and ask the right questions in your current situation. Do you repeat the same mistakes in some areas of your life? If you are, then it is time to learn the lesson sooner or inevitably later.

77 … Usually, sometimes we feel vulnerable. Your strength comes from within, and you have to embrace yourself at all times.

78 … One mile in other people's shoes before making a judgment.

79 … Always try to be credible and never

80 … You are dead for a long time.

81 … Be careful not to "bother" the "causes" with "objections" when making important decisions about personal development. When you say you do not have enough time to practice, this is an excuse, which is not a reason. [82] Fortune is to be created, not inherited.

83 … Do not doubt yourself, you really can.

84 … the more unsuccessful, the more you learn.

85 … Someone else will have more. This is not what you expect, this is who you are.

86 … Focus on the solution, not the problem.

87 … Everything can be achieved enough.

88 … Take your money off yourself, do not forget the really important things.

89 … Exercise is as important to your mind as to your body.

90 … Spirituality has nothing to do with religion. Consciousness does everything to spirituality.

91 … Live your life with humility. Be humble, be modest, and never think that you are better than anyone else.

92 … Objective and writing.

93 … Changing life is not so important, change.

94 … We are all of the same material that holds the universe together. We all love and if you love to share, do not be afraid to open and express your heart. [95] It's such an incredibly powerful thing to be strong enough to be strong enough to be yourself and finally accept the beauty that is … you

96 … Do not be fooled by judging a man in the old based on information. People can change it and you're the one you're trying to be.

97 … first give value … then gain value

98 … knowledge is only useful when you act. The actions are louder than the words. If you say a word, it's better if you're ready to walk.

99 … Education starts when he leaves school. Do not fall into the trap, so many of us, self-care are outstanding for success. […] Nothing is impossible … the word itself says I'm possible – Audrey Hepburn

So there are 100 sure ways to think, think, and hope you're thinking. It took a lot of time for delivery, as I assumed, but the assumptions are not always accurate.

I missed one of my most important moments calling you. Any comments are appreciated ­čÖé

Thank you, as usual, for me to go in time to take over this list and have a wonderful day.


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