Anxiety An Effective Breathing Technique

Anxiety induces many discomforts in the body. These reactions can be overcome with adequate breathing techniques for anxiety that can help endorphins reassure. When breathing techniques are restored, mastering the right approach is key because chest ventilation is not very good. Shallow breaths can only overturn the oxygen and carbon dioxide stability, which is critical to being relaxed.

The following breathing techniques help relieve anxiety:

1. Breathing in the abdomen

This technique is designed to transfer the breath from the upper chest to the abdominal area. You will need a quiet environment where you can It will not bother you for 20 minutes. You can set it to set the alarm if you do not want to lose the time.

Sit comfortably and lift your chest to expand your chest. Place one hand on his chest and the other on the abdomen. Consider how the abdomen and upper chest are moving while breathing. Concentrate on your breath and try to gently nose your nose. Your upper chest and stomach should still be free; this allows the membrane to work more efficiently with the abdomen instead of the chest.

2nd Deep breathing for relaxation

This is one of the most powerful breathing techniques for anxiety or stress. Deep breathing has a soothing effect on the body. It is not yet clear why deep breathing soothes her body; but there is the possibility that a few minutes of relaxed controlled breathing in a stressful situation offers the opportunity to relax in a way that is often not possible at the moment's heat.

Relaxing deep breathing involves several strategies, the simplest when sitting in a chair while the arms rely on the armchair. It takes a very slow breath on your nose, which lasts for up to 5 or 6 seconds. Hold for a few seconds, then slowly breathe out in the mouth and approx. Exhales for 7 seconds. To be effective, repeat this process at least 10 times.

Deep breathing can be a difficult strategy during initial sessions, but time and practice become much easier. Over time, you will find that deep breaths in the 10th breath reassume your body and soul and also lower your blood pressure.

The above breathing technique of anxiety requires patience and practice, so do not expect them to work immediately. The longer you practice them, the better you will be. This will make it easy for you to relieve panic or anxiety attacks.

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