This is probably not going to be surprising to you, but almost no one takes the time to think about his pussy techniques under sex.

I remember having sex before learning the "cool tricks" and the ways to give women multiple orgasms, never thinking about my prone techniques. And if I thought I was slipping, then I thought "maybe it does not matter, anyway" …

I was so bad.

One of the things I've discovered in my "journey" to become a great lover is that the pungent techniques applied to sex can make a difference between 3+

So, if you do not get anything from reading this, but one thing, let it be.

Experiment with different dissection techniques every time you have sex.

As you begin to experiment consistently, you will suddenly get shocked by encountering a few different pressures (19659002) And as you continue experimenting, you can discover more and more great rubbing techniques and ultimately have a nice collection of separation techniques that you can take at any time You know the sex

Now let me clarify a little more exactly what I mean by "techniques that move the wild."

Weightlifting techniques can move your penis under and under the sex. ] Most people choose fast, all and every approach, no rhythm, speed, depth, or timing change

Here's where else can be.

Start to Mix the Rhythm, Speed, Depth and Timing

Quickly Go A Little, Then Slow Slow

Slow down and then a bit shallow

You get the idea

But you too is a bit more advanced than this …

So here are two examples of some of the more advanced thrust techniques you can try or get ideas …

1 – Slowly Increase Depth and Speed ​​ [19659002] women love recovery, shyness, and anticipation

as you begin sex, not a woman's idea of ​​good times (unless it has no trace of raw physical attractiveness and extraordinary pleasures, in that case it may interrupt the rules again and again)

Like I said, we wanted to mock women.

So one of the fast-paced techniques is to start getting sex into the vagina into the vagina at an absolute minimum depth and very slowly.

Then take it out again. 19659002] Next next, go deeper and faster

Then take it out again

And repeat the process deeper and faster.

Overall, this is a pretty slow process and for several minutes until you're in full depth.

And for all ineffectiveness and expectation when you reach 10x deep enough to start full depth immediately. – Slow and shallow with occasional slow slow thrust

to appreciate your deep impression.

If you do this well, you can experience the anger when you go down.

The way it works is simple enough.

Most of the time you will be very shallow, about an inch or two deep.

Every 10 times, like one shot every 10 throttles, it performs a very slow thrust to full depth.

Because of all the shallow thrusts of contrast, he just felt you would love the feeling he was doing well.

Works great

And do not forget that once you go in, then return to a 10 deep shallow valve before you go deep. ] So there it is.

Two Examples of Different Paste Techniques [19659002] There are endless ways to change rhythm, speed, depth and timing while slipping off to create an incredible experience.

So, experiment now.

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