Most people have been listening to our entire lives that we only use 10% of our brain and if we ever use all of our brain, the results would be wonderful.

this is a city myth. Although hundreds of famous people have spoken these exact words or very similar words, the fact that we use 100% of them at all times. This includes this report, including.

The facts are: if a small part of the human brain is damaged, catastrophic results occur. If you remove even 2% of the brain, you can be a zombie, vegetable or politician.

So here is the REAL question you should consider:

How well do I use my mind? Do I use it with maximum efficiency? On a scale of 1-10, the top 10, where can I access it? How do I get started with maximum brainpower? Read

The First Key

It turns out that there are three critical areas that are largely responsible for how well or poorly the "brainpower" is produced.

And anyway, I'm so let you know the exact definition of Brain Power. See, we all know what it means to us. This is not really the IQ, and not the number of university degrees. It works at Peak Performance Letters at "10" level, right?

At this level, thinking is sharp, intuition loud, instincts align, really "flowing" or firing on each bottle! So how do we get to this level?

Here's the first vital feature: Attention!

The attention is paid to being completely here, at this moment, on this planet, in this hall, fully aware of what is happening. You can see exactly what is in front of you, not what you think. It has the ability to perceive, feel and feel the present-day reality.

There are many ways to get ready to make your present moment aware and I invite you to simply visit your bookstore or type in your favorite search engine "Be Here" or "Watch".

My personal favorites are active meditation and then a short walk out in the open. During this time I do a thing to notice everything I can, an object at a time, for a moment.

So the first VITAL SKILL that needs to be developed must pay attention!

As Shakespeare said, "Do not be, this is the question." What do you choose?

The following two vital keys

Our next vital feature is linked to STARVATION.

Everywhere in the world everyone is tired of attention. No one pays enough attention, we can not burn. No one is listening, nobody cares, we are alone. Or We Feel

The next time you are in many people, watch what people do. Most often they talk about their favorite theme: themselves! And the people they talk to do not just listen. How many times do you find out what the other man said? How many times have you forgotten the name of another person? Have you listened or did you really think something else or did you expect your line to speak?

This ability is vital to sales. In fact, you could describe the whole process of sales with 4 words:

Ask and Listen

So our second vital skill is to create maximum brain performance, the Early Listening!

Our Third and Ultimate Essential Skill LOVE

About 90% of us suffer from one of the most common human diseases. We almost always think, dream, talk, look, wonder, admire, hate, love or reject a single person in our world … For us! Your favorite furniture is MIRROR. We are totally, crazy, we are clearly in love with OURSELVES.

This self-centeredness completely discourages our ability to use our full brainpower! How can it work with peak efficiency if you just think in the equation? This is a very interesting thing. When you start getting out of your mind, you begin to learn how to use your full mental ability.

If you join your brains with others, the whole mental firepower will expand and expand. In business, this is a mastermind group. In networking this is called a network group. It is a fact that when you join with others, the whole group consciousness is widened. This is the secret of brainstorming and innovation. When you join others, your brain power is widening.

So our third vital skill: YOU LOVE.

Well, there he is. 3 keys to increase brain power:


Start listening

Get out of your mind

Use the three keys wisely. Turn your brain to full energy and turn the volume up. Free up your creativity and imagination! The world and everyone are waiting. I look forward to getting in touch with us!

Here's your success!

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