You can run a career, work, and even do business you hate. In addition, you may become ill or know someone who has a weak illness for the stress because of work that you have never liked or enjoyed. The job was questioned because it had to feed on the table and that was the only option. Now it's 5 years, 10 years or 2o years later and you're miserable.

Monday morning hits, you are agonizing thinking "Really need to go to this place?" What it feels like. Painful, just thinking. Maybe you're probably knowing someone.

Here are three signs that you are in bad work, in your work or in your business, and now it is time to look for God's talent.

  1. Every morning when the alarm is broken, take a spatula to get out of bed. The Snooze button clicks every chance as long as you can until you realize that if I do not get out of bed I'll be late.
  2. You are constantly in a bad mood and all this can be related to your work . Include everyone, including your children, spouses, staff, etc. When the lunch break comes, you keep thinking that I want to go home and never return. Your marriage falls apart and your children do not know who you are anymore because you hate what you are doing.
  3. Not met. There may be someone who does six characters and beyond, but still dissatisfied with what you are doing. You feel empty. You almost literally feel that it just existed.

** Bonus: You literally lose yourself. You feel that if something does not change now, I really do not know how to go (literally). You stand on the edge of depression and literally kill.

If any one of the above identifies you, I want to know you're not alone. There is a way out but the only way to make an unquestionable decision is to do everything I need. I encourage you to come up with a plan. You have to start somewhere. Many people are guilty of what they want, but never make preparations to make it happen to them. "You are the master of your destiny and the master of your soul. I like it all day, but if you do not want me, I do not feel like it. The choice is yours.

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