A powerful collage theme for motivation! But to create a motivational theme you have to write down the goal first. Start a simple goal that is related to something personal you are working on.

For example, students at high grammar school often set up a target for the mainstream at the beginning of the art classes. Where do they want to go? Where do you see yourself after graduation

Consider the following three easy steps

1. Organize and collect images that encourage you to reach your goal. For example, if you convert your house, it only collects the images that are related to this process. This would not be the collage on which the pictures of recent birthdays can be found.

2nd Think possible, not impossible

It's easy to seduce your collage if you're thinking about costs and other restrictions. Focus on your dream. It may happen. That's why you created a collage designed to target.

3rd Have fun!

Think of the box. Combine images with powerful and inspirational words that help you achieve your goals, so write down your goals. Start searching for images and start work.

If you need help setting up the target, then I have a good coach.

Send an e-mail to: cegoals@aol.com . He works with you to create solid target declarations with the SMART method. This is concrete, measurable, accessible, realistic and tangible.

And keep in mind that you can always contact me about collage production processes.

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